Have you ever felt discouraged when trying to build a social media presence for yourself or your business? Perhaps you feared you’d get drowned out by all of the competing voices and opted not to put too much time and effort in. Well, with Instagram’s brand-new video option, Instagram TV (IGTV), this is your chance to be a major voice on a new platform.

What You Need to Know About IGTV

IGTV is part of your Instagram interface and offers the opportunity to create and post videos of up to one hour. Most content tends to be either 10 minutes or 30 minutes. You can post new, original content or re-post existing video content.

Most importantly, since Instagram is “ruling” digital content right now, being an early adopter may give you the chance to stand out in your market.

IGTV-Broadcast-1How can you take advantage of this new platform to effectively promote your business?

#1: Tailor your content for IGTV

IGTV has a different “look” than YouTube or Vimeo, so you may need to reformat repurposed content.

  • Orient vertically instead of horizontally
  • Eliminate slow intros because videos begin playing immediately
  • Start out with action-oriented, attention-grabbing content


#2: Don’t be afraid to be “real”

IGTV is all about immediacy and spontaneity. Create up-to-date content and work hard to connect with the viewer in your videos. 

You might try:

  • Filming at a job site
  • An interview with a colleague
  • Real-life work you’re doing with clients


IGTV-Broadcast-2#3: Know when to say “when”

As with any social media content, IGTV demands you engage. Do not allow yourself to become long-winded just because you have time available in which to do so.

  • Stop talking when you’ve said your piece
  • Review with a “critic’s eye” to determine how engaging your video truly is
  • tay on-message (see #4)


#4: Cut the clutter

Every video should have a distinct purpose. Do not leap from topic to topic.

  • For building brand awareness, consistently convey brand identity.
  • For building follower counts, make your goal the creation of a sense of community.
  • For business promotion and lead conversion, include one clear call-to-action (CTA) in each video.


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