You may have been living comfortably in a mobile home for years. But, now that you’ve finally saved enough for an upgrade, you might be considering to live downtown to a site-built home and sell your mobile home. 

How to sell my mobile home fast?‘ This might be a question for many people who feel the need to sell their mobile homes quickly for whatever reasons. To provide you guidance on how it can be done, read through the tips provided below.

Essentials Before You Sell Your Mobile Home

The mobile home community is filled with valuable services and industry insiders willing to help out in a time of need. Here are some helpful hints you should know before posting your mobile home for sale: 

  1. Declutter And Fix Up Maintenance Issues

When a mobile home’s base settles, the doors and windows also get out of balance and won’t shut or lock properly. These are the pieces of your mobile home that potential buyers can easily see. It’s essential to get these repairs completed so that you can sell quickly. 

Some people buy a mobile home as an investment. Thus, it’s crucial to fix any issue and make your mobile home an excellent deal for investors for you to sell it fast. Repaint, refinish those cracks, and fix any other holes. Remind yourself of how much you love it and why it makes you happy by showing it off to anyone who will take it. You’ll impress people and will likely get a better price.

You should also declutter your mobile home. The ultimate goal is to make your mobile home look like a move-in ready home, even if you have to live in it for another few weeks until you can set up a new, better one.

After fixing maintenance issues and decluttering your belongings in your mobile home, you’re now ready to find the right place where you can sell it fast.

  1. Sell Your Home In The Right Season 

Spring and summer are popular seasons for mobile home purchases. It’s because people can move out of the house to look for a better place to live. Another significant reason is that most homebuyers are looking for a family home and want to bring their children along or include them in the process. Summer vacation is the most prolonged period without school and is a typical option, so plan accordingly. 

Selling your mobile home in the proper season where there are many potential buyers will not only be fast, but it’ll also allow you to price it at a reasonable rate. So, plan early and pick the right season to sell your mobile home fast.

  1. Price Your Home Right  

If you’ve recently relocated to a new city, selling your home quickly and for top dollar is less of a challenge than looking for someone to rent your place. Start by figuring out how much your mobile home is worth and put the value on the home’s curb, where it can be seen from the road. 

If possible, you can also offer the house on the open market, but it’s ideal to offer it to a buyer ready to move in with just a few hours of work. Showing and selling your home may seem like an uncomfortable and time-consuming prospect, but you’ll be amazed at how fast it can get your property sold.

Take your time with the home’s actual sale, not just the marketing of it. When showing it, use high-quality photos and keep the house’s atmosphere authentic. Using quality photos that will showcase your mobile home can make its value higher and still let you price it a reasonable rate. No one will buy a mobile home which appearance and condition don’t speak for the price.

  1. Consult Professionals 

People often consult professionals when selling, especially if nothing is known about the mobile homes’ basics. While this might seem obvious, there are instances in which some don’t think about asking the help of someone who specializes in selling a mobile home and prefer trusting their guts. 

It’s always a safer decision to avoid making assumptions about what you can do yourself. Get someone who knows the industry and has the skills to ensure you get the best deal. Show your home to these professionals before you put it on the market. This can help you ensure your home’s price is up to par. 

Consulting a professional will also open many possibilities for you to get a great deal and sell your mobile home fast. There might be bases for pricing your home which you don’t know of. 


valuating mobile home interior for market with professionals


Where Can You Sell Your Mobile Home Quickly?

Selling a mobile home can be challenging for some, especially if you need to sell it quickly to have the money right away. 

Wanting for your mobile home to be sold fast will likely affect its pricing as well. You might probably sell it lower than its actual price. But, you don’t need to sell it that way. There are other options you can consider such as: 

  1. Sell Your Mobile Home Via An Online Auction

Online auction is one of the best options to sell your mobile home fast, and here are some of the reasons: 

  • You determine all terms and conditions in advance of the sale. Traditional sales can fall through due to inspections, financing, or other contingencies, but auctioned properties are sold “as-is.” 
  • Traditional selling methods rely on buyers expressing interest, viewing your house, and making an offer. The home showing process is controlled by online auction websites using an open house auction format, which removes the hassle of showings.
  • You can sell your mobile home as part of a package deal with other properties. It’s beneficial when you want to downsize, as in an estate sale. Along with the house, other personal property such as cars, boats, equipment, and almost anything else can be classified for sale online.
  • An online auction will allow you to reach more potential buyers. It’ll let you showcase your mobile home to a broader targeted market, which will increase the possibility to sell immediately. 


  1. Sell Your Mobile Home Via A Real Estate Broker

Not many people are aware that there’s a simple way to cash in on your mobile home: real estate brokers. You’ll never get rich working with a real estate broker, of course, but the interest you can make on your home can offset the costs you’ll incur moving it to your new home. Plus, having an agent to consult can save you time, money, and a lot of headaches involved in selling your home. 

When you sell your mobile home through a broker, you won’t have to worry about contract issues or tough questions that a homeowner would have. You get to sell them quickly and easily, helping you seal the deal. 

  1. Advertise Your Mobile Home Online & Offline

There are many online selling groups that share excellent tips on selling your mobile home successfully. They would usually allow you to share pictures of your home’s interior and exterior, so you can show them off and sell them at the price you want. 

Advertising your mobile home online and offline will allow you to show it to a broad audience. Although everything is now online, you can’t still underestimate the power of traditional advertising. Ensure that you put all necessary information such as where a potential buyer can contact you when you print flyers to sell your mobile home. Inform as many friends as you can about selling your mobile home and let word of mouth reach potential buyers.

On the other hand, you can use many social media platforms to sell your mobile home online. Create a post that will showcase your mobile homes’ unique features and share it with as many groups or pages as you can. You can even advertise and pay an affordable rate on any social media platform. It’ll allow you to reach more possible buyers as a paid advertisement on social media will bring more traffic to your ads. 

You can also look for social media influencers to partner with. Have them make a post about your mobile home, which will encourage their followers and other viewers to check how interesting mobile homes can be. They’re not called influencers for nothing.


mobile home selling parked for visibility


Final Words

Selling a property can be complicated for many, especially those who don’t have proper knowledge of how to do it right. Doing it wrong could only complicate and lengthen the process.

Selling your mobile home can be easy and quick if you’ll follow the essentials needed before selling it. Fix up all maintenance issues, consult professionals who know more about selling your mobile home, price your home at an acceptable rate, and plan everything before you post it for sale. Participating in online auctions, selling via a real estate broker, or advertising your mobile home online and offline are great ways to sell it fast.


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