Hilda Lunderstedt is on a Mission to Open Investing Opportunities to All

Hilda Lunderstedt—successful businessperson, investor and CEO of global operations for Wealth Migrate—has a passion for real estate and for educating investors, particularly women. In this Q&A with Think Realty Magazine, she shares her thoughts on the ways real estate investing—especially through crowdfunding portals like Wealth Migrate—can empower women, facilitate gender financial equality and benefit the entire industry.

Think Realty Magazine: Have you always been business-minded?

Hilda Lunderstedt: From a very young age, I always had some sort of little business or way to earn some money on the go. I am, by qualification, a pharmacist, but this was not the industry I wanted to stay in. It was far too boring for a young woman who wanted to explore and taste the world.

Although I worked in many different sectors of the health care industry, it wasn’t until I started my own business in 2001 that I found my real passion. We built a very successful nutraceutical health care business (NutriLida Healthcare) that was sold in 2011 to a major pharmaceutical company.

And after that great success in the health care industry and as an international investor and philanthropist, this past January you joined the executive team at Wealth Migrate, where you already were a longtime adviser to the board and an investor in the company. What attracted you to real estate investing?

I have always had a keen interest in real estate, and it has been a hobby for me. Through my love for real estate, I have owned many different property types over the years, from single-family homes to industrial properties.

Real estate as an asset class is and should be part of a well-balanced investment portfolio. I invested in real estate in order to diversify my portfolio and benefit from alternative revenue streams. I started off small and over time built a nice-sized portfolio.

Currently, I am invested in commercial real estate opportunities in the medical sector in the United States, and this year will expand my portfolio to other sectors such as multifamily and retail.

Tell us about your involvement with Wealth Migrate.

When I was introduced to the company, I immediately liked the concept of crowdfunding, online real estate investments and having the opportunity to invest in really great opportunities anywhere in the world. It is so hassle-free, and I love receiving my dollar dividends from my investments every quarter.

I also invested in the company to become a shareholder, as I believe that every industry will be disrupted in this digital age, and there is no other business currently offering real estate opportunities on three continents.

Wealth Migrate was a company that really excited me, as I could see the opportunities in how crowdfunding could make a difference for the global economy.

And you also have said crowdfunding will help develop more women as investors. What do you mean by that?

Women around the world will have the opportunity to benefit from real estate crowdfunding where they have access to a class of investments that most individuals would not have access to. Women will be able to invest together with others in real estate, and by teaming up with Wealth Migrate, earning passive income from alternative revenue streams and investments becomes possible.

How did you get started as a real estate investor?

I started through educating myself—initially through reading books and going to seminars, and more recently, by traveling to destinations to see and learn for myself. As I became more confident, I invested in bigger opportunities.

I enjoy real estate investment because if you invest well, the asset remains the asset and the only risk is to ensure you buy at the right price at the right time.

I am currently researching the needs of female investors to offer them investment opportunities and vehicles that will make them feel like they are making a safer, less risky investment. Only once I understand what the need really is can I ensure we help more women.

You have been called a leading “fempreneur.” Would you talk about what that means, and what responsibility successful women have for those who have not yet reached that point? 

The term “fempreneur” is a new one, and the presence of females in the entrepreneurial arena is growing at a phenomenal rate. I think we will see more and more women starting their own businesses, and it is something that a growing number of countries are now becoming aware of.

In the United States, only 3 percent of female-owned businesses attract funding the traditional way. Those women who did not get funding either had to give up on their dream of owning their own business, or they had to find alternative ways to make it happen. We see the crowdfunding trend exploding because of this.

I am of the opinion that successful women should be role models for others because it is such an unfamiliar territory for most. Women need to believe they can do it. Today, more than any other time in the history of the world, the opportunities for women are tremendous. It is up to us to reach out and grab them.

Did you, as a real estate investor, encounter any challenges because of gender?

The great thing about real estate is that it does not distinguish between genders. However, anyone wishing to be successful, male or female, needs to learn and understand the trends and the industry if you are really serious about making money.

In my opinion, the reason the real estate industry has been dominated by men is because they are willing to take the risk to invest. Most females are very risk-averse, and it is not their nature to take big chances, especially with finance purely because many are not confident in financial matters and investing due to little exposure and knowledge. I believe as more and more women enter the previously male-dominated industries, the picture will change.

Modern women are single for longer, as they get married much later in life compared to previous generations, and they are making more investment decisions for themselves.

How is Wealth Migrate helping?

Wealth Migrate is currently working on a strategy as part of our education initiatives that will be launched later this year, which will create learning systems women—and everyone—can access to learn about investing. We are also looking at “Women’s Buyers Trips” where we will take women to learn hands-on about investing and which fundamentals to look at in order to make informed decisions on investing and other matters.

You are widely quoted on your belief that a successful businessperson—female or male—must have a goal or purpose beyond simply making money. Can you elaborate on that? 

Owning, starting or running a business is tough and often difficult, due to all the challenges along the way.  It is your goals, your belief in what you do and how it aligns with your greater purpose and legacy that will push you through the difficult times. The latest worldwide trend is that your business is a force for good. Your customers will want to see how, by supporting your business, they can help make a difference to others or the planet.

We at Wealth Migrate have started the “Wealth Movement” initiative with entrepreneurs, children and women as a focus point. Through the education platforms we are creating, we believe we will make a huge difference.

What are your thoughts on why gender financial inequality exists and what perpetuates it?

Financial gender inequality does exist, but the real question is, what do we do about it? I think for a healthy society, men and women should be equally empowered, through abandoning all of the expectations societies have, to seize the opportunities that are provided for them.

Both genders have something they bring to the table, and when the benefits of each are acknowledged and we can work together to make the world a better place, there is no need to compete with each other based on gender.

And you believe crowdfunding can help …

Through real estate crowdfunding, women can invest and build a portfolio of their own, without competing directly in the marketplace for real estate. Real estate crowdfunding is offering unprecedented access to opportunities for building wealth, for both men and women equally. It is truly the first step to overcoming financial inequality in terms of gender.

Everyone with a good product now has equal opportunity through technology to raise funds to start or grow that business, regardless of their gender.  I believe this will enable a world of new ideas to come into fruition and benefit everyone.

Women around the world can invest and build a revenue stream in first-world economies, can connect with others and share their stories. It is important to remember that outside of the United States, there are very few economies where women are free to invest, and through real estate crowdfunding, they can build wealth (relative to the economy they live in) for themselves and their children.

What advice do you have for women in becoming comfortable with financial issues and reaching equality with men in that area?

I don’t believe women should compare themselves to men and try and be ‘like’ men. Women should take ownership of their own financial health. They should find places to learn and get the skills they need, and they should find groups where they feel it is comfortable and safe to do so.

In choosing the right real estate crowdfunding partner who is willing to educate places to learn and get the skills they need, and they should find groups where they feel it is comfortable and safe to do so.

In choosing the right real estate crowdfunding partner who is willing to educate you, do proper due diligence to mitigate unnecessary risks in the investments they recommend so you can rest assured of a safe investment. Our company, for example, does extensive research prior to investing. Our team finds the best possible partners in the territories who know that geographical area and understand the market. This, combined with the 99-point due diligence plan that they go through to ensure that an investment is a good and safe one, assures our investors their money is safe.

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