In today’s society, “gentrification” is not what it used to be. Our culture is more equipped with information and resources than any previous. As a result, creating awareness of the issue is the first step in carving out “affordable” living options in today’s urban environment.

The problem plaguing “urban” communities in transition is a lack of knowledge. That lack leads to neglect in the maintenance of affordable housing options as the area changes. This is not an issue solely for public housing programs but is highly relevant to the majority of homeowners and renters, people working hard, with good jobs or growing careers, who simply are not afforded housing solutions in the new urban city.

I believe that this awareness should start with the Millennials who wish to live in these urban areas and, furthermore, are willing to pioneer them. Members of this particular market sector enjoy a certain lifestyle and have the resources and desire to make a social impact on their communities. Already, they are creatively developing housing options for themselves and others, local business enterprises, and even churches.

My company is working on a social campaign that will leverage the creativity of the Millennial generation and the vast potential that comes with being involved in real estate investing in creating a program specifically intended to address the affordable housing crisis in Millennial communities and urban environments. Our end goal will be to enable people who may never qualify traditionally for the funding required for home ownership to still have affordable access to it in less than two decades while also creating a new generation of socially responsible real estate investors. 

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