Effective leadership is not only a necessity in our society, but it is also a necessity for a successful business. Gary Harper, president and founder of Sharper Business Solutions and founder and CEO of Monster House Deals LLC, just to name two of his affiliations, is someone who understands what it takes to be a successful leader. He joins our Think Realty Resident Experts to help you, the entrepreneur, understand important business fundamentals that can foster growth of your real estate investing businesses.

“My purpose is helping people with leadership, vision, people, processes, data, and communications,” said Harper in the January 2018 issue of Think Realty Magazine. “Real estate investors and entrepreneurs often struggle with leading their teams of people who participate in their investing processes because we tend to work really hard and equate that hard work with success. Hard work definitely plays a role in successfully generating returns, but if you are just winging it with the people you work with and in your processes, then you are going to end up working yourself to death. Working yourself to death is not why most real estate investors get into business!”

Making his way through the corporate jungle and coming out unscathed, Harper’s business acumen stems from his own experience in management and business systems though the myriad of companies he has worked with, worked for, and grew from the ground up. He and his wife Susan, through Sharper Business Solutions, help companies and organizations clarify, simplify, and achieve their business’ vision.

Harper’s “LIFE” Acronym

We all have certain cliched phrases or words of wisdom we reflect on when life gets rough Harper shares with Think Realty Magazine.

“I talk about my ‘why’ a lot, and it comes down to being able to give more of my life. One of the best ways I can think of to do this is based around breaking the word ‘life’ down into an acronym: Labor, Influence, Finances, and Experience. Everything I do is based around giving of those four things to help others experience the same success in business that I have.”

Harper’s debut Think Realty courses:


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