Ask Linda Liberatore, the president of national property management company SecurePayOne, what the most important thing in life is, and she’ll answer without a second thought: time. “Time is our most important resource, our true wealth,” she explained. “You want to learn to take the breath, to step back and realize each day is packed with events, whether work and family or friends that we are blessed to have.”

The sentiment is lovely coming from anyone, but it’s particularly noteworthy coming from Liberatore, who operates in one of the most time-consuming sectors of real estate: rental property management. SecurePayOne is a unique service catering to one of the largest and most underserved populations in real estate: the active, “do-it-yourself” or “DIY” landlord. Liberatore is all about time, both saving it and speeding things up for her clients. “We live in an instant society, and if you can offer your tenants that same speed when you manage your rental properties, you are going to have better returns and be able to charge (and collect) higher rents,” she said in during a recent seminar.

Proper Systems = More Time

Liberatore, who is also a Think Realty Resident Expert, specializes in helping her clients select the right systems for their real estate portfolios and the level of involvement they want with their property management. “Investors do not realize that you do not have to go high-end with your management, maintenance, and rent collections systems to get great results. Just working on the right scale and making sure you have everything scheduled and as automated as possible can save you serious money – and heartache – every month,” she said.

Liberatore focuses on making sure every landlord she encounters understands how much they can benefit from the right combination of technology. “It’s all about having a good foundation, and then letting your business loose to really soar,” she explained. “We recently heard from an investor who has worked with us for two years who had just learned his only employee was leaving with one day’s notice. He called us because when he sat down to figure out how to live without her, he realized he was not going to have to disrupt his property management systems or delay rent collections or maintenance because he already had the right systems in place. Sure, he’s going to miss her, but he has the space to figure out the right hire (or if he even needs a new employee) rather than scrambling to make things work and losing money in the process.”

Liberatore will be focusing on her favorite topic at the upcoming Think Realty National Conference & Expo in Dallas, Texas, on February 24-25, 2018. “You can come to my training sessions or stop by the SecurePayOne booth (number 43) to find out how to combine technology with a disciplined schedule to really define your real estate investing legacy,” she said. “We’re actually offering a free ebook on 10 technology integration ideas that will help any landlord free themselves from the clock, whether they have a property manager or not!”

This post is pre-conference coverage from just some of who will be offering breakout sessions at our Think Realty Dallas 2018 Conference & Expo. Check back for more pre-conference coverage up until the event with updates throughout following with post-conference coverage content. For tickets to this exciting event, click here.  
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