Hello, fellow real estate investors! My name is Tom Olson from the Good Success mastermind community.

Finding service providers who understand the unique challenges and risk exposure we face as real estate investors can be a point of frustration. Because of this, I started using National Real Estate Insurance Group (NREIG) about six years ago. The first thing that stood out to me about working with this insurance group, as compared to the many other groups and agents we have worked with in the past, was it seemed like they knew what I needed. It was almost like an actual real estate investor had started the insurance company to service his own needs. In fact, that is exactly the case! The people at NREIG are investors too, so they truly understand the ins and outs of REI. I know many insurance companies try really hard to service the investor and many have great products, but I have never met anyone that knows what we want – AND NEED – better than NREIG. They understand that it’s not all about price, yet their prices are always well below industry standards with what I would consider a superior product. Personally, there have been many times I have had them look at a particular property or project, knowing I can trust their insight, and they can advise on the options. NREIG puts my mind at ease when choosing not only the carrier, but also the policy. I love the fact that they are so passionate about educating their customers on the correct policy and getting them answers in a quick, efficient manner. They have even helped identify property situations to ensure I was properly insured. Whenever my team asks them to add or delete, or add additional insured or loss payer for a lender, we always hear right back from them and I really appreciate this commitment to service. Our time is valuable and the good people at NREIG treat us like we are their only customer.

At Good Success, we have insured hundreds of investment properties with NREIG personally and we have referred hundreds of our clients to them as well. I have never had anyone that I referred to NREIG not use their product and many have told me about the amazing experience they have had with them. I have heard things such as: “Their pricing was way better.” and “They work hard to make sure you get the right coverage at the right time.”

Real Estate Investing can be risky business, but having a trusted partner in your corner who helps you manage that risk is important. I chose NREIG for their knowledge, experience, network, care and trustworthiness. These are the reasons I also proudly recommend NREIG in our mastermind events and to all our customers. If you’re seeking a partner who understands your unique needs as an investor, I suggest you take a closer look at NREIG.

You can find more about Tom Olson by listening to the Good Success podcast, joining him at his community go giver event, following him on Facebook, or going to www.goodsuccess.com.

For more information on National Real Estate Insurance Group, visit www.NREIG.com.

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  • Tom Olson

    Tom Olson is the founder and President of the Olson Group Network , which includes Conduit Capital, Good Success, Olson Group, Olson Property Services, Olson Construction Management Services, and Sarah Jo, LLC. He is the author of multiple popular books for entrepreneurs and investors, including The 30-Day Good Success Journey, Active Turnkey: (The Best Way to Buy Rentals), and Investors vs. Contractors. Tom hosts The Good Success Podcast, a popular podcast for investors and entrepreneurs dedicated to achieving true lasting financial success as well as true personal and professional fulfillment not only through investing and helping their businesses rise to new heights but also to bring purpose and meaning to those businesses.

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