The Think Realty Presidents’ Circle attracts the best of the best — real estate investors and entrepreneurs with extensive backgrounds and experience from which all members can benefit. The Circle meets several times each year where members share knowledge, network, and inspire continued success.

This month, our featured member is Gary Pinkerton, a wealth strategist, veteran, entrepreneur, speaker, author, and real estate investor. He has degrees in engineering from the US Naval Academy and the University of Illinois, and 25 years’ experience as a Navy nuclear submarine officer. He commanded the attack submarine USS TUCSON, was a Pentagon Division Director for the Joint Chiefs, and a Senior Ethics Professor at the Naval Academy, retiring as a Captain. He has extensive experience in life insurance, real estate, and alternative investments.

Pinkerton said he joined the Think Realty Presidents’ Circle because he was searching for strategic relationships “with only the most ethical, high-performing, and like-minded leaders in real estate” for the benefit of his clients and his business.

“My primary role as a wealth strategist is to help clients stabilize their business and family finances and get them moving consistently and predictably in the positive direction; I help them build a foundation they can lean on when things like COVID-19 and other unexpected events stress their financial resources. Immediately after achieving that, the question they pose is ‘Can you help me safely grow my finances from this new safe foundation?’ They are looking for ways to invest their resources that offer both strong returns and a high likelihood of success, and the biggest risk to failing is the person you entrusted with the money, not the deal itself. The adage ‘Never do a good deal with a bad person’ is some of the best advice I have ever received. So, I’ve devoted myself to being in groups with the best people to connect with my clients. No question, that’s the Think Realty Presidents’ Circle,” Pinkerton said.

Every member of the Think Realty Presidents’ Circle has a story that drives their tremendous success and often an equally inspiring story about how they have overcome adversity on their journey.

“Our meeting every few months is unmatched in the quality lessons it teaches me and in the energy I gain. I leave recharged and enthusiastic to conquer new mountains and with renewed faith in the abilities of the quality Presidents’ Circle entrepreneurs and business owners that come together to share time from across this great nation,” he said.

From his membership, Pinkerton plans to improve his business and help more people.

“My intent is to strengthen America by bringing resiliency, control, and confidence to real estate investors and small-to-medium businesses. These are the groups that innovate, that produce and that formed and sustained America for the past 250 years and are desperately needed to do the same for the next 250 years. The Presidents’ Circle is a group of leaders who can help me achieve this goal. When I commanded the USS TUCSON, I was alarmed at times to find the ship off course because the crew had gotten misled or unfocused. I see the same with America right now and am excited to work with my new Circle of friends to get the world’s best ship back on course!”

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