Electronic invitation website Evite.com recently introduced real estate invitations with themes intended to promote open houses and other industry-related events. The designs, which feature headlines like “Open House,” and “Just Listed,” invite recipients to attend showings for homes. Although most of the designs fall under the website’s “premium” designation, there are several free choices on the platform.

The Benefits of Electronic Invitations 

With the premium option, you can upload images of the property and remove advertising, which is visible with the free option. The designs are intended to look like printed invitations. There’s room for additional information in the “message from the host” section which is visible when the invitation is “opened.”

Real estate marketing professionals say the new offering could help sellers and investors cut their marketing costs substantially. Since Evites are easily created in a short amount of time, timelines for events can be moved up to allow for quicker showings. “Don’t get me wrong! I think there is a time and a place for an elegant, formally printed invitation. I just believe that in 2018 the typical homebuyer or broker is going to be more responsive to email invitations than a piece of mail,” wrote one.

The new format also provides valuable marketing insight and tracking. Account owners have the ability to track who opened the Evite and who viewed the invitation but did not respond. Automatic reminders can also be sent out to those who have not responded to the event.

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