Cathy Crowe has spent nearly three decades in real estate, managing her own wholesales and rehabbing deals since 1990. All the while creating and selling mortgage notes, owning and managing rental properties, selling more than 100 multifamily properties and other packaged single-family deals. Crowe, who is a licensed Realtor, manages a team of agents, and a property management team at All Star Home Group Realty. She has educated more than 8,000 investors between 2002 and 2008 through her educational network, the Dallas Fort Worth Real Estate Investor Network (DFWREIN). She specializes in a unique form of networking that is integral to successful real estate investing. “I make an effort to meet new people all the time. I’m always trying to make connections,” she said. Adding that networking is “the way to success in real estate investing.”

Of course, a little market savvy doesn’t hurt either. It is no doubt as to why Think Realty is pleased to announce that in addition to being available for networking in person at the Think Realty Expo in Dallas, Texas on April 29, 2017; Crowe will also host a searing market breakdown of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Helping local and out-of-town investors get a strong understanding of the inner workings of this market. Crowe told Think Realty Magazine that she plans to pull out some deal-making – or breaking – details from recently-published reports and journals including:  the YARDI Matrix “Dallas Multifamily Market Analysis 2017;” Texas A&M University’s Real Estate Centers “Texas Housing Insight;” and the same institution’s widely-read and reviewed, “Outlook for the Texas Economy.”

The “fine print” within these publications holds key indicators for real estate investors about which sectors of the real estate market might veer toward volatility in the latter half of this year, including which sectors are likely to hold strong. Although many in the media, and even in the housing industry, are starting to mutter that Dallas could be heading for a bubble situation. There are a number of indicators pointing towards the market, not only being stable, but actually holding strong for a matter of years into the future. Crowe will pull out these details in her breakout session, along with providing strategic commentary on how real estate investors at all levels might leverage this information.

“We are thrilled to have Cathy participating in this event,” Think Realty director of strategic partnerships Carmen Fields said. “She is so in touch with the local market and really has her finger on the pulse of the economy in this area.” With more than 1,000 wholesaled homes, more than 300 rehabbed houses, more than 100 private notes sold, and nearly 10,000 investors educated and coached, Crowe seems like one of the best in the business to guide Dallas investors through the complicated maze of the local economy to real estate investing success.

You can learn more about Cathy Crowe and reserve your spot in her Dallas Market Breakout Session at the Think Realty Expo on April 29, 2017 by clicking here.

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