Real estate agents are reporting their best leads come from social media. In fact, they cited leads from social media as being better quality and coming in higher volumes than other leads. Other leads include MLS sites, brokerage sites, and listing aggregators. This information was recently released by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in its 2018 Technology Survey, which included responses and information from more than 2,500 real estate professionals.

Top 3 Tech Tools for High-Quality Leads

Real state professionals reported on the source of their best leads in the last 12 months. The top three ranked in this order:

  1. Social Media (47%)
  2. MLS (32%)
  3. Brokerage Website (29%)

Most agents and other professionals said they used social media mostly for promoting listings and building relationships with existing clients. 97% cited Facebook as their primary social media platform, followed by LinkedIn at 59%. About a third were using Instagram and Twitter. Most reported they were not using social media management software to schedule posts or post to multiple platforms at once.

Other Results from the Tech Report

Although the lead-generation results have gotten the most media attention so far, the NAR’s 2018 Technology Survey also showed some other interesting technology preferences in the industry. For example, about one in five respondents said they were likely to purchase a laptop, smartphone, or printer or scanner in the next 12 months. As a population, real estate professions use local MLS websites and apps more than any other technology (excluding email and cell phones), with these tools reported as the top use by 64% of respondents. Lockbox and smart-key devices came in second at 39%, and social media platforms came in third overall at 28%.

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