Wondering what to do with your tax return? Why not add another property to your portfolio and increase cash flow? It’s no coincidence that spring happens to be the ideal season to invest—the weather’s warming up, tax returns are hitting bank accounts, and there’s an influx of properties on the market. Here are three reasons why now is the time to invest in real estate, as well as tips that will give you an edge over other buyers in the market.

More Inventory

Whether it’s the upcoming summer break or the nicer weather, the real estate market really heats up in the spring. Far more houses are on the market, so you can explore your options and take your pick. As savvy investors already know, auction homes often come with discounted price tags and lots of potential no matter the shape or size—bank-owned, foreclosures, REO and more.

Real estate marketing platforms, like Hubzu.com, not only show you what’s on the market but also provide relevant property info (including a rental estimate) and allow you to bid through the platform. Save time and take advantage of these capabilities that allow you to do it all efficiently in one place—browse auctions, place bids and more.

Warmer Weather

This may seem trivial, but the last thing anyone wants to do is drive through bad weather to check out neighborhoods or trek to the courthouse for an auction in the snow. Plus, the ideal lighting and lively landscapes in the spring really show the true potential of a property.

This also means, more buyers are in the market, thus increasing competition. Time will be of the essence, so if you find a property you like, you must act quickly. Real-time features, like SMS bidding offered by Hubzu™, allow buyers to act quickly so they don’t miss out on the property they have their eye on.

Peak Rental Season

If you’re looking to rent out your investment property, short- or long-term, spring is the season to prepare. For vacation properties, summer is the peak season for obvious reasons. But even for long-term rentals, most families are looking to move ahead of the new school year, making spring the ideal time to plan.

In order to add another property to your real estate portfolio, make sure you come prepared. Focus on how much the property is worth to you as well as how much income it could bring in, and bid accordingly. This season, competition is fierce, and you may find yourself in the middle of a bidding war. For the right property, it may be worth it to bid higher to stay competitive and ultimately, make it yours. When in doubt, utilize tools that provide rental estimates, similar to the one found on Hubzu’s property pages.

As the real estate market heats up in spring, take advantage and boost your portfolio with another investment. Visit Hubzu.com/ThinkRealty to learn more and start your search today.

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