According to Socialnomics, 93 percent of buying decisions are influenced by the purchaser’s social media use. That is incredible! That means for every tenant who decides to check out one of your rental properties, nearly all of them were somehow influenced by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, or some other social network. If you’re not on social media in a professional capacity, that means you are letting something else influence the decisions your clients are making about you. If you are online but not posting the right things, then your target audience is probably ignoring you anyway and the net result is the same.

Get all those eyes on you by using effective social media marketing. Social media users love images, so give them what they want. Here are three real estate images that social media users can’t resist:

1 | “Before” Images

Take lots of pictures of any property before you make it over in any way, even if it’s just cleaning up a mess from a previous tenant. If you use YouTube, post walk-through videos of properties before you get to work cleaning them up as well as static images.

2 | “After” Images

Not surprisingly, your social media followers will want to see the miracles you worked after taking those before pictures. Include walk-through videos if possible, and try to work in some images of special activities in the area as well so that potential renters or buyers get a feel for the full potential that living in your property represents.

3 | 360 Degrees and Interactive

Facebook users love the 360-degrees of control that some posts permit you to offer, and you can get a similar effect from making a 360-degree video. Showcase beautiful outdoor scenery or sparkling new improvements using this strategy.

Ensure that you are the person influencing your target market’s perception of you by carefully curating your online presence to attract the most eyes to your profile and establish the best reputation possible. Your vacancy rates will fall and your profits will rise as a result.

Linda Liberatore is a member of more than seven REIAs in the Chicago area, president of the Lake County Property Investors Association, and shares her knowledge about effective, profitable property management at local and national REIA events as well as on podcasts and in print nationally. She will be presenting “How to Save 7 hours and $1,000  Each Month While Growing Your Real Estate Wealth and Rental Portfolio” at Think Realty’s National Conference and Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 14, 2017, and contributing to Think Realty’s newsletter with valuable information leading up to that event. Click HERE to reserve your spot now.

  • Linda Liberatore

    Linda Liberatore is the founder and president of My Landlord-Helper-SecurePayOne, a unique virtual assistant solution for DIY real estate investors, and the author of Daily Inspirations to Achieve Your Real Estate Investment Goals. Contact her at

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