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Formerly a teacher, Susan Harper, was looking for something to keep her busy during her summers off. Her brother-in-law owned several properties and a property management company so she worked for him and her kids helped out too. Cleaning out houses kept them all occupied on long summer days! That led Susan to completing a few flips and eventually purchasing rentals.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the work and was glad for the opportunity to keep busy during the summers,” she said.

Now, 16 years later, she has been doing real estate investing and business mentoring for as long as she was in the classroom.

What is a characteristic you exhibit that has made you a successful investor?

Honestly believing I can do anything. I’ve hung drywall, I’ve demoed rooms (my favorite part). My parents instilled in me that if you have the will there will always be a way.

What is a trait you exhibit that has held you back, and did you change from recognizing it?

I spent 17 years as a schoolteacher and had the hardest time resigning from that “secure” job to go off on our own. My husband took the leap of faith first after dealing with an illness and I joined him two years later.

What is one of your goals for 2020 and why? 

Every year for the past 5-6 years I’ve chosen a word to focus on that really helps me to put my priorities into perspective. I then arrange all aspects of personal and business to apply that word to my goals. Some of my past words have been Peace, Intention, Belief, Confidence. This year’s goal for 2020 will involve the word Purpose. I want everything I do in my day, week, month, quarter and year to be Purposeful.

What is something you plan to do differently with your real estate investing business in 2020 that you haven’t done before?

My husband and I have gotten rid of all our single-family real estate in the past several years to truly focus on coaching other real estate businesses. This year one of our goals is to go into commercial.

What’s your greatest investment success story?

We had success in SFR but no fulfillment. We have truly found our niche in coaching other businesses and seeing them succeed. We’ve helped companies turn around and be profitable. We’ve helped businesses get the right people around them to succeed. That is our greatest success.

Best advice for new investors? 

Get some help. Realize there are smarter, more experienced investors out there that have been there, done that. There are no new problems just new people that don’t know how to handle them. Join a local group. Ask questions. People in the real estate realm want to help and there are so many of us out there willing to do so.

Best advice for seasoned investors? 

The single worst statement ever made is, “We’ve always done it that way.” If you’re not willing to change, then you are risking failure.

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