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When the politics of corporate America had gotten a little too heavy for Elizabeth Maora Sickels, a corporate engineer by training, she decided to trade working all over the world for a six-month hiatus to determine her next step. In July 2016, she left the corporate life for the great unknown. She narrowed her next path down to either health care or real estate.

“I listed my condo in Michigan on Airbnb, as I’ve always loved hosting, and this was a great way to make some additional money while I was figuring out my next steps,” she said.

In November 2016, she decided real estate was the way to go and bought her first two traditional rental properties in Indianapolis.

“I moved to Indianapolis and started networking. Word got around I had listed my personal property on Airbnb, so someone asked if I could do it for one of their real estate friends. Elizabeth Maora, LLC was born!” 

From rehabbing, designing, and furnishing to hosting and property management, Elizabeth Maora Sickels loves everything involving rentals. She is also a passionate teacher, coach, and consultant.

What is a trait you exhibit that has held you back, and did you change from recognizing it?

Taking things personally. If a client or guest lashes out, I used to take it personally. Now, I understand that it’s most likely not directed at me or my team, but rather some other situation in their life. I’ve learned to just take a deep breath and give people grace. 

When things get tough, how do you get going?

I listen to YouTube every single day: TD Jakes, Ed Mylett, Les Brown, Denzel Washington, Lewis Howes. Also, prayer is an amazing tool. 

What is your goal-setting process? Has it ever failed you? If so, how did you alter it?

I always set goals and evaluate where I am. Heck yes, I’ve failed! In 2019, I had to change the overall sales goal in the 3rd quarter. It was obvious I was way overzealous in my goal. I have BIG hopes and dreams for the business, but Rome wasn’t built in a day and that’s hard to keep in mind. I had to decrease the goal by 40 percent; that’s a real gut wrencher for someone who always makes a goal. I had to be more in line with the market and with reality.

What can women do differently to achieve greater success in real estate?

Know that you don’t have anything to prove; you can be yourself. Some women walk in with a big chip on their shoulder, trying to assert they’re in control and won’t be pushed around. That old saying “you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar” is very true. I’ve found being calm and collected with a bit of sweetness has worked. If the contractor underestimates my knowledge, they find out quickly.

What three strategies within the real estate investing industry have helped you the most?

  1. Know your numbers, what’s your cash on cash, ROI and throw off. These three equations have made me more money and saved me more money than anything!
  2. Honor your word. When people trust you, they will bring you amazing deals and insights. You’ll be part of a very elite club.
  3. Stand up for yourself, know your worth and don’t be afraid to charge for it.

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