Throughout our years in this industry, we’ve met and worked with impressive women who are shaping the industry, and we feel it’s our duty as a trusted voice in this sector to highlight them. In this year’s Women to Watch series, we are showcasing seven standout female real estate investors. Each one has achieved a major career milestone, has made impressive or large investments and has positively shaped the real estate industry for the foreseeable future.

While no one can guarantee the precise amount of success 2019 will bring these women, Think Realty is eager to watch.

We’ll be featuring these amazing women each week in March in our series on Women to Watch so check back!

How did you get started investing in real estate?

It was in Los Angeles in 2005, towards the top of the last bubble. I wanted to buy a home, but couldn’t afford to buy a home by myself. I ended up buying a duplex with a friend. We house-hacked before I knew that was a thing – renting out the upstairs unit, our basement, and a converted garage.

What are the top two characteristics you exhibit that have made you a successful investor?  

  1. I’m very intuitive and use my intuition to choose great partners and opportunities.
  2. I’m great at relationship-building. Real estate is such a relationship business, so this trait has served me well.

How do you manage work/life balance?

I prioritize pleasure in my life. I make sure that I have daily doses of pleasure and schedule in vacations and time for things that bring me joy and help restore my sanity. Whenever I’m stressed, I know I need a good dose of pleasure to get me back in the game. I never “muscle through,” I “pleasure through!”

What are your goals for 2019?

Create a funding platform for women, help 1000+ women get into their first real estate investments and cross the $100 million mark in properties under management.

What is the one strategy you’re focused on in 2019 that you feel will bring you the greatest success?

Partnering with people who are the best at what they do. I’m focused on my strengths of fund-raising and relationship-building, and allowing my partners with complementary strengths to work in the areas where they are strongest.

What are the three factors that you look at in your market to determine whether a deal is a good deal?

  1. The first factor I consider is the team. I want the best possible team on the management side and on the ground.
  2. Whether there are value-add opportunities in this particular investment. 3) I look at where the market and the asset class is in this particular market cycle. I try not to invest in areas where everyone else is trying to invest too. That indicates a seller’s market and if it’s a seller’s market, it’s by definition not a buyer’s market. I look for bluer oceans.

Favorite market to invest in? And why?  

I don’t have a favorite market. I have favorite partners who I work with to bring us deals. I am “people first” when it comes to investing.

What’s your greatest investment success story?

I could talk about raising $2 million in one 60-minute webinar or the RV park deal returning 30%+ cash-on-cash to our investors, but my greatest investment successes are with my Real Estate Investor Goddesses – the women I’ve been able to mentor and teach to begin investing.

My favorite story so far are two students – Zabrina and Deba. They met in my course in February 2018 (one lives in Detroit and the other in Los Angeles). They started investing in Detroit, and have already bought 12 units. They now have an investment group and a strategy to buy dozens more units this coming year.

Best piece of advice for new investors?  

Get a solid education before you begin investing. Not only will getting educated help you avoid making the wrong decisions, it will allow you to see investment opportunities that exist out there that you perhaps would never have known about.

Words you try to live by?

One of my mentors taught me his philosophy of seeking “relationships for life.” I try to live by this — I don’t want transactional relationships with people. I want lifetime friendships and professional relationships, so every decision I make I think long term about how this will affect and strengthen the relationship.

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