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Answers to the Top Questions Real Estate Investors Ask


As a real estate investor, your number one priority should be to be open to learning and educating yourself on the real estate market’s happenings. These frequently asked real estate questions will provide you with a better understanding of what to expect as a real estate investor and provide you with the ability to stand out from your competitors.

1. Is Getting a Real Estate License as an Investor Necessary?

It is not necessary to receive your real estate license as an investor. However, numerous benefits come with acquiring a real estate license. As an investor with a real estate license, you’ll gain unlimited access to property information, be able to network with fellow real estate entrepreneurs and professionals, and have the opportunity to save the percentage of earnings that would go to your agent. Conversely, receiving your real estate license can be time-consuming and may be potentially costly to practice regularly. Ultimately, the question of whether or not to acquire a real estate license as an investor depends on what your real estate goals are.

2. How Does One Determine the Value of an Investment Property?

Many new investors looking to buy an investment property tend to find themselves asking this very question. Fortunately, various methods can be utilized to determine the value of a property. The most common practice is conducting a comparative market analysis. This is a powerful tool that investors rely on to evaluate and compare properties on the real estate market that are in the same area as the property they are investing in.

3. Does Investing in Real Estate Result in Potential Tax Benefits?

Investing in real estate provides you a plethora of opportunities to reap tax benefits. Arguably, the most effective way of reaping tax benefits is becoming a rental property owner. While this is not the only way to receive tax benefits, it is one of the most straightforward methods. When renting a property, there are many opportunities to deduct expenses such as repairs, utilities, mortgage interest, insurance, and more.

4. What are the Most Effective Marketing Campaigns for New Investors?

You can use many creative methods to market your services effectively. Among these, direct mail marketing is one of the most successful strategies that investors use to campaign. Although direct mail marketing may seem old-fashioned, there are many critical benefits of this marketing method. For example, it is an excellent way to boost brand awareness, return on investment (ROI), and potential website traffic.

5. How Can I Maximize My Investment Property Profits?

Market conditions play a significant role in contributing to your property value. Despite this, there are several key factors that investors should take into consideration to boost their potential property profits. Among these are: setting competitive prices to make your property stand out, screening potential tenants that fit your values, maintaining your property, and providing additional service fees. By implementing these factors into your investment strategy, they will influence the profitability of your property.

6. How Can You Take Advantage of Your Next Opportunity with a Private Money Lender?

There are a few reasons why borrowers look to seek out this funding from a Direct Private Money Lenders rather than the conventional financial institution, the primary being that these individuals and organizations usually have fewer restrictions and higher LTV’s than traditional loans, and grant funding much faster as a result.

Working with a Direct Private Money Lender can help a newcomer or seasoned real estate investor leverage their liquidity to be able to purchase more investment properties.

A NON-QM Loan from a Private Money Lender allows investors to do more Real Estate transactions, which is why many Real Estate Investors choose to utilize it. There is a large number of real estate investors that struggle with other sources of money such as conventional mortgages and lines of credit.

Unlike conventional investment property loans that max out at 70% LTV, a NO-DOC or Soft Money Loan Program maxes at 85% LTV and with no PMI. This allows the borrower to put less money down on their purchase.

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