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5 Tips to Building a Seven-Figure Business

Surviving the scariness of 2020

Sure, being a real estate agent in 2020 can be a bit scary, but there’s no reason to stay spooked. Especially when all you need is a little bit of hocus pocus to take your business from basic to fantastic in no time.

Check out these tips that expert realtors use to build six and seven-figure businesses. Don’t pass these by, because they might just be the trick that helps you bring in more treats than ever this year.

Tip #1: Create a Spellbinding Business Plan AND Follow It

You wouldn’t take a cross country trip without a map would you? Of course not! In the same way, you need to map out a killer business and marketing strategy. Don’t put all of your pumpkins in one basket by going all in on one basic marketing solution. Create a robust plan that includes online marketing as well as traditional marketing like direct mail, text messaging, cold calling and voicemail drops.

Tip #2: Become a Good Listener

Beware! If you’re talking more than you’re listening to your clients, you might be doing something frighteningly wrong. Instead, practice being as quiet as a ghost. This will allow you to hear and understand what your clients really want and need. Let them do most of the talking, find out what they want, and help them achieve it.

Tip #3: The Real Magic Is in Relationships

Real estate is a relationship business. Building strong relationships that turn one-time clients into lifetime clients is the simplest form of practical business magic there is. Sure, this takes patience and time, but pays off in the long haul through future referrals and repeat business.

Tip #4: Follow Up If You Want to Avoid Toil and Trouble

A sure-fire way to get ghosted by prospective clients is by not investing in automated follow-up software. This is an absolute necessity since your odds of closing a lead plummets dramatically if you don’t respond in the first five minutes! Seriously, look it up. It’s super scary. When highly customizable automation tools are available for only $97 a month (ahem, like ours), you’d have to be a mummy to pass this essential tip by.

Tip #5: TREAT Your Business Like a Real Business!

You’re the CEO of your business. If you’re caught in the DIY trap of doing everything on your own to save money, you’re destined to turn into a grumpy ghostly ghoul who’s exhausted, burned out, and maxed out. Don’t be a grumpy ghoul. It’s not a good look. Invest in the right solutions, and stop trying to do it all by yourself!

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