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5 Reasons to Attend a Real Estate Investor Conference

Real estate investor conference

Sometimes the best thing for real estate investors to do is attend conferences. There are numerous conferences held across the country. You can meet with fellow investors, learn valuable insight from industry experts and expand your network of vendors and lenders. And get useful resources to help you grow your business.

If you haven’t already attended a conference at least once in your real estate investing career, and aren’t planning on heading to one in the near future, here are five reasons that may change your mind.

The Options Are Abundant

With so many companies now hosting conferences around the country, there is bound to be one located close to you. Otherwise, take advantage of the trip and get in some valuable research while you are there.

Think Realty conducts multiple Expos each year in different states featuring guest speakers and panelists. The Five Star Conference and Expo presents a series of different events covering mortgages, single-family rentals, foreclosures, investments and more. IMN hosts one of the largest gatherings of real estate professionals, ranging from brokers and investors to landlords and property managers. These are just three of the many conferences out there you can attend each year. So, start researching. More than likely there is one coming to a town near you.

Learning Experience

Conferences provide investors with the opportunities to obtain more knowledge that can then be applied to your own business. If you are a new investor, although conferences can be a bit pricey, the benefits of attending one will greatly help you grow your business. With panels, industry analysts and other investors in attendance, you will have the opportunity for extensive discussion about real estate market trends. This gives you the opportunity to listen to what others have done, learn from it and become successful.


Besides learning valuable insight about the business, investors have the chance to network with other real estate professionals. When attending, you can meet other investors who may also be doing business in, for example, the fix-and-flip or rental market. These contacts could provide you with possible partners for future deals and have the chance to learn what strategies they have applied to their own businesses.

Conferences give you the chance to ask questions, exchange contact information and form relationships that could help your business greatly. Additionally, property managers, vendors and lenders attend these conferences. So, if you are looking to find a reliable contact in these fields, this is your perfect opportunity.

Industry Speakers

Events also feature leaders in the real estate industry as guest speakers. They are considered the best in the business for a reason, having built their success through their years of experience. Sometimes, they will conduct their own presentations or hold panel discussions with a forum of industry experts. Take advantage of these opportunities by attending. You can learn valuable information you can apply going forward in your own business ventures.

Be Inspired

There is just something about being amongst other investors that will help you really feel invigorated to get out there and continue investing. Hearing what experts have to say, learning from their experiences and seeing the results of their success will give you something to aspire to. Especially, if you are still growing your small business. Don’t view these industry giants as intimidating. View them as inspirational and something to strive for in your growing efforts to expand your real estate investing business.

Overall, Relax, Enjoy and Have Fun!

Yes, this is still meant to be a business trip of sorts but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy yourself. Be social and strike up conversations with fellow investors. Remember, more than likely they are there for the same reasons you are. Dress to impress, bring a stack of business cards in case you meet potential partners or other industry experts you wish to network with. Take home some souvenirs in the form of fliers, brochures or other items you can reference later.

Bring a notebook with you, your laptop or tablet and take notes during the speaker presentations or panel discussions. Use this opportunity to get away from your investment properties for a little while and clear your head. Refresh and be ready to start down a new road in your real estate investing career.

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