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  • Erica Hackmyer is the Marketing Coordinator and Content Writer for LendingOne, a direct private real estate lender offering fix-n-flip and rental loans for non-owner occupied residential properties. With direct access to its own capital, exceptional customer service and a user-friendly online application, LendingOne has streamlined the overall lending process and made it faster and easier for investors to be approved and receive their financing in as little as 10 business days. For more information, visit or call 866-412-1574. You can also visit to set up an appointment to speak with a LendingOne account representative.

fix to rent

Fix-to-Rent: The Secret Investors Need in 2018

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*Sponsored content Today’s housing market is experiencing a significant issue with shrinking inventory in available real estate due to such a high demand from buyers; coupled with historically low housing starts, resulting in a steady increase in the price of properties when they come on the market. According to a ...
Real estate investor conference

5 Reasons to Attend a Real Estate Investor Conference

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Sometimes the best thing for real estate investors to do is attend conferences. There are numerous conferences held across the country. You can meet with fellow investors, learn valuable insight from industry experts and expand your network of vendors and lenders. And get useful resources to help you grow your ...
5 Insights into the Growing Single-Family Rental Market

5 Insights into the Growing Single-Family Rental Market

Real estate investors always are looking for insights into the growing single-family rental market. For example: What areas of the country are experiencing the best conditions for investing in rentals? And, what areas are showing a stagnating ability to make money from renting? Among the companies that analyze the data ...
hurricane prep reaction

Hurricane Prep and Reaction for Real Estate Investors

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We are officially in the thick of hurricane season — a worrisome time not just for residents of storm-prone areas but also investors who own property there. Here are some hurricane prep and reaction tips that can help if you own investment properties. Hurricanes are unpredictable. Their projected paths, wind speeds and ...
Auto mechanic with female customer looking under car hood.

How an Auto Mechanic is Like a Rehab Contractor

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Has it ever occurred to you how similar are the processes of finding a reliable contractor to renovate your investment property and locating a decent mechanic to fix your car? Just think about it for a moment. When you own a car or a house, you are investing both your ...
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NAR Student Debt/Housing Survey Provides Insight for Investors

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Imagine this familiar scenario that so many Millennials face: they spend four years in college working hard to attain the grades they’ll need to get profitable employment once their schooling is complete, but at the same time, they are amassing thousands upon thousands of dollars’ worth of student loan debt ...
Looking to Accelerate Your Wealth in Real Estate Investing? Try a ‘Flip-and-Hold’

Looking to Accelerate Your Wealth in Real Estate Investing? Try a ‘Flip-and-Hold’

If you are already in the real estate business, then by now you have encountered the basic issues that first-time investors come across when starting out. You went through sourcing and acquiring the financing you needed to begin your initial investment, found the property or properties that you were interested ...