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3 things to get people to watch your investment videos– and stop boasting please!

Kevin Guz real estate adviceI am a strong supporter of investors who use videos to market their services and emphasize their expertise.

The numbers prove this point.

A YouTube search for “real estate investing” reveals approximately 347,000 results related to this subject. The issue is not whether investors should create their own series of videos (they should); the question is what kind of videos investors should produce, which brings me back to that 347,000+ collection of clips.

Too many of these videos are either excessively promotional – they offer viewers no insight about important industry news – or they are so low quality that they, pardon the description, appear like hostage videos: Grainy, monotone in the speaker’s delivery and so dull that the most disciplined viewer may say, “No more.”

By all means say something, and please dress like a professional (no T-shirts or baseball caps, thank you), but avoid the temptation, which I describe here, to tell people how great or successful you are.

Video viewers want facts and help – not boasting

Viewers want facts. They want insight and wisdom. They want to learn something.

Also, stop boasting about your successes – please!

Run an ad, instead, or populate social media with sponsored posts about your incredible track record and industry awards. But if you want people to watch your videos, and to watch them from beginning to end, then you need to do three things.

  • First, be passionate: Speak with enthusiasm, so you capture people’s attention. If you sound boring – and if you look bored – then viewers will also be bored . . .. and they will stop watching your videos.
  •  Second, tell me something I do not know. Give me valuable information and tips; earn my trust, so I can do business with you. Convince me, with facts and your ability to convey that material, that you – and you alone – are the investor I should contact.
  • Third, be brief: Do not speak for more than five minutes, and aim to express yourself in three minutes or less. Create a series of clips about various topics that are concise, compelling and original.

These suggestions can improve an investor’s visibility, enhance his or her popularity, and attract a devoted following of viewers (and potential clients). But an investor must, well, invest in quality videos with a quality message. From there, success will follow.

Everything else is irrelevant and just plain noise: Distracting, and soon to be forgotten.

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