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New blog for investors: Meet Kimberly Smith

Kimberly Smith photoWelcome to the Personal Real Estate Investor blog, my goal is to share tips and insights from my view of real estate investing.  These days I feel like the real estate doctor, people are always coming up to me and asking me to help with their real estate because they are not sure what to do with it or they like the idea of investing but not sure how to get into it.

I get stories from, “I am getting a divorce and not getting the house,”  to “I have lost my US Visa and have to send my family back home but my business is still here and I need a place to stay from time to time,”all the way to “I am moving to Texas so I can stop paying income taxes can you help find me a place to live?”

Yes, corporate housing started as a business lodging solution for the relocated employee or the traveling consultant, but today it is an extended stay lodging option that is used by both individuals and businesses in need of monthly furnished rentals.

Did you know traditional corporate housing last year produced $2.66 billion in rental dollars in the United States and represented 63,000 rental properties?  Over the past 20 years I have had the unique opportunity to be part of both the corporate housing industry and the real estate property management industry and through this forum my goal is to share tips and ideas that will help make your real estate investments more profitably through life’s and real estate cycles ups and downs.

I like to think of my real estate investments as my tools in my toolbox of life.  I use some of my tools to develop cash, some to fund my next property and some I sell to accomplish larger goals.  By realizing not all real estate and not all real estate goals are or should be the same, you will find greater success and be better prepared for the “what ifs” that life will throw at you.

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