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Where We’re Thinking in 2017: TREIA Conference & Expo Powered by Think Realty

Think Realty event coverage.

TREIA Conference & Expo, Powered by Think Realty | Raleigh, NC | August 27-28

Investors throughout North Carolina’s Triangle Region Join Forces this August

The Triangle Real Estate Investors Association (TREIA) is hosting an exciting two-day event powered by Think Realty for new and experienced investors. “We’ve brought together some of the top real estate experts in the world to show attendees how to start and expand a profitable real estate business,” said Chuck Jurgens, TREIA president. The speaker’s roster includes nationally-recognized real estate expert and trainer Ron LeGrand (this issue’s Investor Spotlight on p. 62 features an Atlanta-area investor with a very interesting story about LeGrand’s role in her real estate investing), Brian and Lynette Wolff, also known as “The Wolff Couple” and “Mentors to the Mentors,” Jay Connor, who is known for his creative methods for buying and selling properties at very low risk levels, and nationally-recognized seller-financing expert Larry Harbolt. Educators Sam Kaddah of Liquid Logics, Steve Down of Financially Fit, Merrill Chandler of CreditSense, and Wendy Sweet of Carolina Hard Money will also will also present at the event.

“Our attendees are learning from what I like to call ‘normal people’ in real estate,” said Jurgens. “Some had credit problems, full-time jobs and families to support, a hard time making ends meet, and even family and friends that hoped they would fail. These speakers will show that you can be successful in real estate no matter your age, gender, race, color, religion, education level, savings in the bank, or location. This event will prove it to you.”

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Think Realty National Conference & Expo | Atlanta, GA | October 14-15

Think Realty combines the latest training and strategies in real estate with networking to create “Pathways to Smart Investing.”

Every investor can achieve real estate investing success by leveraging the appropriate investing strategies for their unique situation. Identifying “Pathways to Smart Investing” is one of Think Realty’s strengths. In one venue, meet Think Realty Resident Experts trained to help investors at all levels pinpoint the best tactics to “level up” their businesses and dozens of experienced investors, speakers, and service providers all focused on helping you reach a “real estate of mind.” Also, don’t miss the networking opportunity of a lifetime when you meet the 2017 Think Realty Honors awards finalists at a special awards luncheon. An elite panel of judges and industry influencers will present this year’s winners. 

Think Realty’s elite Resident Expert team will also have several representatives at the conference. Sonia Booker, “The Wealth Builder,” Abhi Golhar, “The Connector,” and Eddie Wilson, “The Deal Maker” and also president of Think Realty parent company Affinity Worldwide will be in attendance. All three Resident Experts recently released new courses available to Think Realty account holders and will be ready to help attendees build wealth, manage time, and live a life of greater purpose through real estate investing. The event will also feature a panel of local industry experts, a keynote detailing the five most common mistakes real estate investors make, and multiple training sessions with practical, action-oriented information on topics relevant to landlords, flippers, wholesalers, passive investors, and individuals using real estate to build their retirement portfolio.

Don’t miss this chance to define and refine your pathway to smart investing with the help of some of the most influential investors from all sectors of our industry.

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