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Keynote Speakers

Brent Kesler

The Money Multiplier


Jon Lee

Outback REIN

Jon Lee is a full time investor, investment coach, & partner in the Outback Real Estate Investment Network. He practices the philosophy of "investing in man & land...in that order!" within the Outback because of his deep belief that creating long lasting & influential relationships are of paramount importance in the success of business.

Jon is a Las Vegas native (born & raised, not many of them left) who after 11 years of service as an aviator in the U.S. Army left the service in 2006. Ever since then he has been in the housing industry in various capacities then became a full time investor in 2012.  He truly loves the wealth building opportunities that real estate investing gives people of all backgrounds and has helped train over 300 students in the past 5 years while building an impressive portfolio through creative finance acquisitions.

Coach Collard

Outback REIN

Coach Collard is founder and partner of the Outback Real Estate Investment Network, a seminar and empowerment company in Las Vegas. He travels and speaks internationally on real estate, and he hosts events all over the Southwest for real estate professionals and real estate investors. His mission is to fundamentally change thinking in real estate. His passion is to empower people to break through their limiting beliefs around acquiring real estate to create even more profits and to maximize their bottom line. He is an innovator that takes action on unique market opportunities and develops exit strategies that are market proof, creating success and maximizing ROI in all markets.