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Keynote Speakers

Ben Caballero

Success in Life and Business

Ben Caballero is ranked by the Guinness Book of World Records as the #1 Real Estate Agent in the World.

Some quick facts about Ben:

  • In 2015, Ben became the first real estate professional EVER to exceed $1 billion in home sales in a single year—and has achieved it again every year since.
  • Last year alone, Ben sold 4,799 homes worth over $1.9 billion.
  • He’s the top-ranked agent for both total transaction dollar volume and number of real estate transactions.
  • Labeled as the Most Innovative Real Estate Agent (Inman News, 2013)
  • Received the Pinnacle Award for Real Estate Entrepreneurship (Keller Williams Realty)



Clint Coons

Anderson Business Advisors

Asset Protection Planning for Real Estate Investments

Whether you fix and flip, buy and hold, invest in commercial or multifamily, after attending this section you will learn how to structure your investments with three primary concerns in mind - tax minimization, risk reduction and business planning. Many professionals provide accurate information but few understand advice must also be relevant. As your business grows and you look to move the ball down the field, having a structure in place that works for and not against you is important for real estate investors. Learn how properly formed entities with your business goals in mind will help with your overall investing goals.

Featured Speakers

Gene Guarino

Residential Assisted Living Academy

The 5 Keys to Success in Assisted Living Facilities or ALFs

Learn step by step how to turn a Single Family Home into a cash flow machine with Residential Assisted Living. You can use a Single Family Home to make $5,000 $10,000 or even $20,000 per month, all while helping others and providing a tremendous service to them. That is what they call, “Doing Good And Doing Well”

For those that want to be “hands off” real estate investors, you will learn how to get TWICE the market rent with long-term low impact tenant. One way or the other you will be getting involved in senior housing. Right now, you have a choice in how you participate in this unstoppable opportunity.

Brent Kesler

The Money Multiplier

The Money Multiplier Method

Brent will be speaking on The Money Multiplier Method. With this method, Brent was able to pay off $984,711 in 3rd party debt in 39 months. He is passionate about how powerful this concept is and recently began sharing it with others. “I have a strong belief that whether you make $10/hour or $10,000/hour you should know and have this powerful information.” Brent will show us how to break the bonds of financial slavery and how to take control of our own financial life. Brent’s philosophy is simply: Help more people understand how to manage and grow their wealth.


Charles Sells

The PIP Group

Passive Profits In Distressed Real Estate

You have seen all the reality shows, now come learn from the Reality PROS.  Think markets are stable?  Guess again!  With a correction on the horizon, you couldn’t pick a better time to be investing in distressed real estate.  The PIP Group has been assisting investors around the world passively invest in distressed real estate, for nearly 20 years.  We are so confident in what we can do for you, we promise 16% in your first year, or more.  It is not a fund and it is not a pooled investment – it is YOUR investment and we just earn a fee for making it perform very, very well.  Recession proof investing is the ONLY investing you should be doing right now and we will show you why a partnership with PIP is the right choice for you.

Jasmine Willois

Note Assistance Program

Notes: The New FRONTIER in Investing!

Join this workshop to learn about current events and opportunities in Notes. We will cover Performing Notes, Non-Performing Notes, and network.

Brad Sumrock

How to Retire Early by Investing in Apartments

Thought about buying an Apartment Building but don't have the money to buy it yourself? Tired of managing a portfolio of single-family rentals and dealing with tenants and toilets? Have a good job and would like to earn double-digit returns as a passive investor? Want to skip over Single-Family Investing and start your investing career as an Apartment Investor? Would you like to get a conventional loan with No Personal Liability? Are you wondering if "now" is the right time? Not sure how to get started Investing in Apartments? Come learn how you may be able to get started Investing in Apartments right here in Dallas and how you can leverage other people’s money, experience, and time and be a Business Owner/Investor (like Robert Kiyosaki teaches in the Cash Flow Quadrant) in a large apartment building. Learn how to potentially earn double-digit average annual returns, double your money in a few short years, and retire from the Rat Race in 5 years or less.

Brad Burnett


Become Irresistible to Top-tier Lenders

How to Obtain up to $1,000,000 in Unsecured, Stated-Income, Business Credit Lines at 3% - 6% WITHOUT NEEDING Collateral, Tax Returns, Financials, or Income Verification

For the last 8 years Brad has been apart of the CreditSense team. He has over 10 years of experience teaching  on real estate stages across the US. After his service in the Navy Brad started his career in investing and real estate. He is now the Chief Funding Officer at CreditSense.”





Kristin Gerst

Capricorn Mortgage Investments, LLC

How to Create a Million Dollar Owner Finance Business

Learn the basics from financing your acquisition by traditional and Subject-To means, how to rehab an owner finance property, how to find the buyers, how to set up the transaction for maximum profits and finally how to scale the business so you can quit your 9-5 job!

Romney Navarro

Streamline Funding

Unlock the Vault (and Gain Access to Unlimited Capital)

This presentation is catered to investors who need to borrow money in order to capitalize on projects when banks or cash are not an option. Romney will go over the critical characteristics of attracting the right capital for your project by teaching the Five C’s of Financial underwriting as well as introducing the three cornerstones that every successful project has in common.

Arnie Abramson

Texas Tax Sales Resource Group, LLC

Detailed Training for Texas Tax Sales

A complete guide to tax sales in Texas, the steps to take, how to make it easier, how to outsource the tedious steps, how to overcome the “hurdles” and HOW TO MAKE MONEY EVEN IF YOU DO NOT WIN THE BID.

Kevin Shortle

iNote Success

Making Money with Real Estate & Notes

iNoteSuccess was methodically built at the intersection of real estate and real estate notes. Our forward thinking note techniques combine the best of real estate investing with the best of note techniques. We teach where the market is going, not where it is or has been. Our forward thinking techniques such as:

  • Note Arbitrage (make profit on a note you don't even own)
  • Equity-Lock Note (rental property owners will not want to miss this)
  • Turn-key Note (nothing to do with rental property, just the easiest, safest way to invest)
  • Lease-Purchase Note (looking for long-term passive income and lower taxes?)


Our fast paced breakout session will cover these strategies and much more!

We believe that a good investor invests where the money is, a great investor invests where the money is going. Come join us.

Doug Perry


Financing Your Next Flip

The type of financing you choose to go with has an impact on your business. Join this session to learn how to make the right choice between “hard vs soft” money and the different services they provide.

Ryan Smith

Elevation Capital Group

5 Key Reasons Why Mobile Home Park Investing is now En Vogue

In this breakout Ryan Smith, Principal at Elevation Capital Group, will share with you why so many investors are looking at investing in mobile home parks and why you should too. The session will be content rich and will be open to questions, comments and discussion. Attendees will leave seeing the asset class as it is (quite compelling) rather than what might be perceived.

Local Market Panel

Cathy Crowe

Investor Deals


Gaylene Lonergan

The Lonergan Law Firm


Joe Boston

Dallas REIG

Kaaren Hall

uDirect Services

Adonis Lockett


Jawad Dashti


Think Realty Resident Experts

Clint Coons

Think Realty Resident Expert

How to Properly Set up and use LLCs and Series LLCs for Texas Real Estate

Pam Goodwin

Think Realty Resident Expert

Scaling from Residential to Commercial Investing

Kevin Ortner

Think Realty Resident Expert

Growing your Single Family Rental Portfolio

Shawn Woedl

Think Realty Resident Expert

Risk Management: Protecting yourself and your Properties