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Keynote Speakers

Ash Hebdige - Greystone Residential

Delivering an End-to-End Solution for Real Estate Investors

  • Learn why investing in real estate is the best approach to lasting wealth, and how to overcome obstacles to successful portfolio investing.
  • Find out where we are in today’s property cycle, and whether it is still a good time to invest?
  • Discover how Greystone’s research driven methodology targets key metros for optimized investor returns.
  • Find out about Greystone’s end-to-end customer services, which includes our Build-to-Rent platform that allows investors to efficiently and safely build and scale their portfolio investments across key metros in the US.


Tim Herriage - REI Group LLC

The Iceberg Report
An annual report & analysis of the American single-family residential investment industry. Small Landlords & Real Estate Investors house about 25 million households or 60 million people. There is a massive difference between the image of this market & the reality. This annual report & analysis of the American single-family residential investment industry is designed to help improve this image.


Mac Boyter

How to Build Wealth from the Greatest Real Estate Market in the USA for the Last 90 Years!
In this session Mac will show you how others just like you are succeeding today in real estate. You will discover:

  • Profit in All Market Conditions - As the overall economy continues to get stronger, your options for gaining profitable investment properties grows with it.
  • Versatile Investment - We believe there isn’t any better investment than real estate, and it even creates its own collateral for better financing options.
  • Multiple Ways to Profit - With real estate you enjoy the ability to create profit quickly, generate regular cash flow, and magnify your overall wealth.

Featured Speakers

Kent Davis - Equistream

The Five Common Mistakes Most Investors Make
Ugly is the new pretty! In this session you will:

  • Learn the biggest pitfalls of real estate investing and how to avoid them
  • Discover uncommon strategies that defy conventional wisdom and result in double digit returns
  • Gain access to REOs at 30-70% below market value and learn how to generate cashflow


The Big Business of Buying and Liquidating Equity
How to create equity without the blood, sweat, and tears. You will discover how to liquidate equity without complicated financing and create freedom and income for yourself and do it hands-free. 

Special Guest

Andy Williams - Recon Realty

The founder of Recon Reality and rising star of HGTV upcoming series Flip or Flop Ft. Worth, Andy Williams will host a Rally Point on the vendor floor where he will talk with fellow veterans about the truth of real estate investing, his transition and his current mission of empowerment. Williams won the Think Realty’s Humanitarian of the Year in 2016 for his work with veterans and his impact on their futures through real estate investment education.


Women in Real Estate Panel

Success in real estate investing in 2017 hinges on your ability to reach people. Think Realty's "Women to Watch in Real Estate in 2017" panel will feature six of the industry's most powerful influencers in every sector of the market. They'll reveal sector-specific secrets and insights into how to build a following and a truly lasting legacy in real estate while exploring the role that both genders play (and how to leverage those roles to wealth and influence) in our industry today.

Sonia Booker - Sonia Booker Enterprises

Sonia Booker, CEO of Sonia Booker Enterprises, has been investing in real estate for more than two decades, and her message resonates with everyone who believes that wealth is not just about money, but also about leaving a legacy. She says: "Everything I have done, including the real estate flips, the buy-and-hold projects, my involvement in commercial developments and even my private equity fund, I have done through building relationships."

Carole Ellis - Self Directed Investor (SDI) Society

Carole Ellis is a co-founder of Self Directed Investor (SDI) Society, news editor for SDI News, the top news publication in America for self-directed investors, and serves SDI as its data liaison, providing accessible, investor-friendly education and market analysis.  She is also co-host of Self Directed Investor Talk on KDOW 1220 in San Francisco, California.  Carole has been the editor of the Bryan Ellis Investing Letter, a newsletter for real estate investors with over 700,000 subscribers worldwide, for nearly a decade, and she is a regular contributor to financial and real estate industry publications such as Think Realty and REI Wealth Monthly. Carole will be hosting Think Realty's "Women to Watch in Real Estate Panel" and "Dallas Market Insights Panel" at the Think Realty Expo Dallas.

Kathy Fettke - Real Wealth Network

Kathy Fettke's Real Wealth Network has been in business for 14 years, has more than 28,000 members, and has helped those members acquire more than $400 million in real-estate-related assets in nearly every sector of the industry. She says, "One of my passions is to spread the wealth. When we work with large developers or venture capitalists, we ask that they give our investors more than they're used to giving. It's only fair that the people putting up the money get more of the action!"

Pam Goodwin - Goodwin Commercial

Pamela J. Goodwin is the founder and owner of Goodwin Commercial, a boutique commercial real estate and consulting firm specializing in developing and investing in retail and restaurant pad sites. Pam’s interest in entrepreneurship started when she was four years old. Her first venture was a lemonade stand, and then worked in the family’s poultry business, to tenant coordination/project management with several large shopping center owners, to developing more than 50 pad sites with Brinker Int. (Chili’s). After 20 years in the business, Pam decided to start her own company in 2006. What distinguishes her from others in her field of expertise is she has a long record of successfully guiding local and national clients (Walgreen’s, McDonald’s, Chase Bank to name a few) with their commercial real estate acquisitions, lease obligations and consulting services.

Julie Ziglar Norman - Prime Properties Realty

Norman shared the Get Motivated platform with her legendary father, motivational icon Zig Ziglar, for several years before becoming the dynamic, disarming and refreshingly transparent inspirational speaker and author she is today. Her unique experience of being raised by the motivators' motivator has given her a perspective on life and work that keeps her audiences laughing, crying and taking notes.

Kimberly Smith - AvenueWest Global Franchise

Before there was Airbnb, there was Kimberly Smith and AvenueWest, the company Smith founded in 1999 as a real estate brokerage specializing in corporate, furnished, full-service rental property management and that hit the Inc. 5000 list three years in a row and swiftly grew via franchising to a multi-city, multi-million-dollar company. She says, "The individual investor must empower themselves to get access to residual, sustainable income, and the corporate model does that."

Lauren Taylor - Capaven

Lauren Taylor, founder of investment platform Capaven, dove into real estate at the age of 19 at the worst of the housing crisis, starting a property preservation company dedicated to helping banks manage their foreclosed properties and facilitating the acquisition of large volumes of single-family rentals by institutional investors. She says, "My passion is doing what is right for the investor and the consumer (the homeowner or tenant), which enables us to stabilize investor returns while also providing an unparalleled experience for both parties that involves affordable housing and stable, reliable returns."

Dallas Market Insights Panel

Joe Boston - Dallas REIG

Founded in June 2010, Joe Boston leads the Dallas Real Estate Investment Group (REIG). Dallas REIG is designed to provide the real estate community with a warehouse of educational materials along with knowledge gained through hands-on learning that will help you, the real estate investor, get started or take your real estate investing business to the next level of success.

Cathy Crowe - Allstar Home Group

Cathy Crowe has been a licensed realtor since 1989. She has helped hundreds of families sell and find new homes. Since 1990, Cathy has worked with investors with single family rehabs, rental properties and multi-family properties. She started buying houses in 1990 for both wholesale and rehabbing for retail. Through the years she has wholesaled over 1000 houses, rehabbed over 300 houses, sold over 100 notes, and held numerous rental properties at various times. As a realtor she has participated in the sale of over 100 multi-family properties, package deals of single houses and multiple listings of properties of all sizes and price ranges.

Blake Johnson - Finishing Touches Remodeling

Blake Johnson is dedicated to the success of the DFW Investor and it is evident in his approach to rehabbing. Blake works strictly for real estate investors on vacant properties. His team uses production style rehabbing which helps keep cost low and turns a faster product for the investor.  Rehabbing an average of 250 houses a year, Blake has a lot of “seen it all” moments and the wealth of knowledge he has gained is priceless.

Russ Keith - REI Systems Academy

Keith became a realtor with eXp cloud brokerage to provide sellers with as many options as possible. He developed REI Systems Academy with his wife, Kim, to provide support, structure, accountability, training & the tools necessary to invest like a pro. he is a professional educator with 23 years experience in public education and 27 years of investing in the DFW metroplex.

Gaylene Lonergan - Lonergan Law

Gaylene Rogers Lonergan is the founder of The Lonergan Law Firm, PLLC, a real estate law practice and real estate title closing office. She is also the owner of the Lonergan Fee Office of PSS Title, LLC. Gaylene has more than 30 years of experience in dealing with virtually every aspect of real estate law, banking, and title transactions. She is Board Certified in both Residential Real Estate Law and Commercial Real Estate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, is a Certified Title Insurance Associate by the Texas Land Title Association, and is a native Texan.

Lead Generate or Die Panel

Trisha Alton - Trisha P. Realty Group

Trisha Alton epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work and creative service in every detail of real estate transactions. She and her team work with clients to initiate communication in every detail of the transaction, from the first phone call all the way to close. She leads, trains and motivates her team to communicate with clients better than none. Five words you can count on from Trisha Alton; love, integrity, commitment, passion and fun.

Roz Bazile - Building Wealth Advisory Group

Roz Bazile knows the challenges of getting your business and personal financial house in order. Roz has a B.S. in Management/Accounting with over 20 years of experience as the Controller of multi-million dollar corporations in various industries. She now uses her expertise to help small business owners and upcoming entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality.

James Like - Revolution Real Estate

James Like is a multimillion-dollar real estate sales producer. He is the founder and broker for Revolution Real Estate in Burleson, Texas. He has been in real estate as a salesman since 2006 and an investor since 2000. He is passionate about missions and outreach and has a goal of reaching thousands of people by establishing micro-¬businesses in various countries of the world.

John Mayfield - Mayfield Real Estate, Inc.

John Mayfield received his real estate license in 1978 at the age of 18. John has been a practicing broker since 1981 and has owned and operated three offices in Southeast Missouri.  John has spoken to thousands of real estate professionals throughout his tenure. He is the author of eight books and creator of the “5-Minutes Series for Real Estate Agents,” Cengage Learning, with over 25,000 copies sold.

J. Rene Ward - The Best Agents In Texas

Broker and owner of Best Agents in Texas, J. René Ward strives to provide each and every client with an experience that is worthy of referrals.. J. René is an expert in her market. She is the past President of the Austin Association of Real Estate Brokers and currently on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Real Estate Brokers.



Robert Barney - DHLC Mortgage

Rehabbing with Hard Money: The Power of Leverage!
As a successful rehabber, landlord, mentor, and hard money lender, Rob’s talk will inform attendees about ways they can profitably leverage hard money investments to buy, flip, and sell real estate. Rob will offer important tips to potential real estate rehabbers, teaching them ways to make more deals but risk less money to successfully maximize their profitability when working with hard money lenders.


Joe Boston - Dallas REIG

New Construction – The Turnkey Solution to Outpace the Market and Create your Own Deal!
Joe Boston, is the founder of the Dallas REIG. Joe will discuss a turnkey solution using New Construction to solve for low inventory markets like DFW.  Building new can apply to low, moderate and high income areas and produce great returns. He will outline New Construction process and how you can be a builder without lifting a hammer.  This process can align with any exit strategy; fix and flip, buy and hold or owner finance.  You can start now! Dallas REIG has the place, space and crews to beat the real estate blues (Inventory).  Why chase old when you can have new!!!

 Joe’s presentation  will show you…
  • Why New Construction Is a Great Option for Today’s DFW Market
  • A Overview of the Whole New Construction Process
  • How You Can Become a Builder Without Ever Lifting  Hammer
  • Exit Strategies
  • How to start


Bill Bray - Ignite Funding

The Value of Note Diversification
Learning how to earn 9% to 12% annualized returns with First Trust Deeds has never been this simple.

  • If you think you cannot afford to invest in real estate, I will show you how you can.
  • If you think that investing in real estate requires a lot of work, I will show why it does not.
  • If you think it is too good to be true, I will show you our track record.
  • If you think your portfolio is diversified, I will show you how to add more diversification with collateralized investments. Then you can call yourself diversified!

Let’s take the ‘What Ifs” out of real estate investing!


Cathy Crowe - All Star Home Group

Looking for Houses in all the Right Places
Do you want to know how to find properties and flip them?  This is the session for you! Cathy will tell you all her methods, secrets and share her personal experiences with you… She’s the Queen of WHOLESALE FLIPPING! With over 35 years’ experience she will teach you:
  • How to find properties
  • How to find motivated sellers
  • How to explore neighborhood effectively and generate more leads than you can handle
  • How to locate owners and what to say to them
Bonus topic to be discussed:
  • Who is looking for property and how to sell to them
  • How to build your team that will work for you!
  • How to achieve a fast and straight-forward property inspection and learn to estimate repairs
  • How to analyze each deal and learn the proven formula to buy property to make a profit.


Cary Donham – Capital Concepts

Creative Financing for Single Family and Multi-family
Learn how to use leverage to control more assets and increase your cash on cash return. You will learn about the products we have used on our own investment transactions over the years.  We will cover our Smart Money loan process that will help you make smart choices on financing and minimize your out of pocket costs.


  • Rehab loans
  • Conventional financing
  • Portfolio products for single family and multi
  • Muti-family loans


Bryan Ellis - Self Directed Investor Society

5 Reasons To NEVER Buy Real Estate In Your Self-Directed IRA
Far and away, the #1 type of asset held in Self-Directed IRA’s is real estate.  But the same rules that make both real estate and self-directed IRA’s so extraordinary as tax shelters make the combination of the two potentially very dangerous – even cataclysmic – in many of the most common scenarios.  In this controversial presentation, Bryan and Carole Ellis – self-directed IRA experts and hosts of Self-Directed Investor Talk – will expose 5 specific reasons that real estate investors should avoid real estate investments inside of their IRA’s entirely… and you’ll learn why, despite the risks, so many savvy real estate investors are able to mitigate these risks and build extraordinary real estate wealth in their self-directed retirement account.  Attendees will receive a free checklist entitled “How To Avoid a Self-Directed IRA Cataclysm” and access to free additional online training (while supplies last).


Kristin Gerst - Capricorn Mortgage Investments

Making Top Dollar with Your Owner Finance Investment
In this session you will:

  • Learn all the steps to create your own owner finance cash flowing mortgages.
  • Learn what legal issues need to be addressed.
  • Learn how to create the most profitable note possible to attract top dollar from note buyers.



David Gibb - Legally Mine

Understanding Legal Tools:  The Keys to Lawsuit Prevention & Tax Reduction
Upon completion of the presentation those in attendance will understand:

  1. Correct structuring strategies to protect all assets (business and personal) from any lawsuit, from any direction
  2. How through understanding your legal structuring you can lower your income tax and eliminate capital gains and estate taxes, and,
  3. The proper usage (individually and in strategic combination) of trusts, partnerships, and LLC's among other entities.


Gene Guarino - Residential Assisted Living Academy

The 3 Best Ways to Profit from Assisted Living and Real Estate for the Next 20 Years
Gene Guarino, CFP and the Founder of the Residential Assisted Living Academy will share with you the best ways to invest in and take advantage of the opportunities in senior housing today.  Whether you want to simply write a check and be a “hands-off” investor or be more hands on and generate $5,000 to $20,000 net cash flow per month from a single family home.

The Baby Boomers are coming and the Silver Tsunami is absolutely unstoppable.
One absolute guarantee, you will be getting involved in assisted living one way or the other.  Either as a customer, an investor or as a business owner.  That choice is yours…for now.

Don’t leave your kids with a Dooms Day Bomb.  Leave them with a Legacy and a Blessing. You can pretend that you won’t get old and this simply won’t affect you.  You can buy long-term care insurance or “hope” that your kids will “take care of you” when you get old and need help.  Or you can choose to invest now and make a huge return today on your investment in addition to knowing that your long-term care needs will be provided for in the future. That choice is yours and Gene will share with you the best ways to make that happen today.


John Helmick - Gorilla Capital

7 Keys to Fix and Flip Like a Pro
Every fix & flip operator loves to talk about their most successful projects, but the focus of this presentation is on the other end of the spectrum: the fix & flip projects that do not turn out well.  What makes a fix & flip fail?   We will go through the 7 Most Common Mistakes of Fix & Flip operators – and how to avoid them.  With 12 years in the business and over 3,000 fix & flips completed, Gorilla Capital hopes that it’s fix & flip experience will help other fix & flip operators avoid these common mistakes and avoid paying the “stupid tax” of longer hold times and lower profits caused by these errors.  Join us for a animated discussion on fix & flip and the 7 things to avoid when doing a fix & flip project.


L. Scott Horne, Esq - Owner Finance Academy

How to Earn More Than 100% Profit on Every House

  • Learn from one of the most experienced investors and real estate attorneys in the country how he makes his millions.
  • Learn the Single Greatest Wealth Building Principle.
  • Learn how to use owner financing to convert upside down properties into cash generating monsters.
  • Learn how to have each transaction be a "win-win" for everyone involved.

Learn how to get started today!!!



John Larson & Marcus Reynolds - American Real Estate Investments

How to Achieve Safe Passive Income Through a Turnkey Solution
This session will explain what the term "turnkey" means from a real estate investment standpoint. We will discuss how American Real Estate Investments has perfected the turnkey solution for our investors. We will also explain our processes and how we help our investors achieve safe and stable passive income. Some of the other topics we will touch on are how we identify markets and properties, renovations, placing tenants, property management and aftercare/customer service and client relations.


Scott Meyers - Self Storage Profits, INC

Big Money with Small Commercial Properties
Scott Meyers introduces attendees to The Hottest Sector of Commercial Real Estate over the past 25 years, that almost no one has heard about.  His Investment and Education Companies have been teaching investors the real-world ins and outs of identifying, negotiating, buying, managing and building wealth in real estate without the hassles of tenants and toilets for over 15 years.

Scott will share his story of how he became a penniless real estate millionaire after amassing a portfolio of over 400 single family homes and apartments.  He’ll also show how his goals of wanting to obtain true financial independence led him to dumping all his single-family homes, apartments, and office buildings and all his tenants and toilets, and changed not only his life, but the lives of his entire family tree by investing in Small Commercial Properties. Learn how to enjoy all the benefits of owning property without all the risks and hassles of dealing with needy tenants and leaky toilets.  Discover how to acquire properties in any area with no money down, the safe way, and how to manage from afar by implementing the multitude of new technologies available in this exploding sector of Commercial Real Estate.


Tim Norris - REIGuard/NREIG

Insurance Issues for the Real Estate Investor

If one of your single-families caught on fire last night, are you certain it is insured properly? If a spring storm blew the roof off your 12-unit apartment building, would you have coverage for your loss-of-rents? When it comes to insuring your investment properties, it is best to know what protection you have, or don’t have, before a claim! Come see Tim Norris, CEO of National Real Estate Insurance Group, speak about common insurance issues for real estate investors and how to overcome them.


Wayne Sheaffer - Good Success

Wholesale, Turnkey and Active Turnkey: How we did 300 Deals in 2016!
  • Have you ever had your buyers turn down your Wholesale deal because they are “out of money”?
  • Are you struggling to get good deals?
  • Is your real estate business still too dependent on YOU?
  • Do you have a Real Estate Flipping business with lots of ACTIVE income but no PASSIVE INCOME?
  • Are you sick of dealing with tenants and maintenance issues on your Rental properties?
  • Are you still struggling to do your first Real Estate deal?

In our session, you will…

  • Learn how our ATK program revolutionized our Wholesale business and gave us an influx of buyers
  • Learn how we systematically put in over 150,000 offers in 2016 to get 300 good deals
  • Learn how we set systems and automation in place and put our real estate business on Autopilot
  • Learn how we built our own PASSIVE INCOME to over 17k / month
  • Learn how our RTO program allows us to own rental without the headaches of TENANTS and TOILETS.
  • Learn how we helped over 20 people do their first deal in 2016.


Jason Schubert - EAS Investor, LLC

The Best Kept Secret in Commercial Real Estate
Come attend this breakout session with Jason Schubert of ExtendASuites and you will learn all the “How To’s”! You will walk away having the knowledge that will start you on your path to financial freedom!


Jeffrey Taylor - Mr. Landlord

How to Increase Your Rental Income by Thousands!!
In this session, Jeffrey Taylor will share both market and psychological forces that will change the way you can increase rental income as a landlord.  Expect to learn:

  • What’s being implemented by other successful rental owners
  • What you’ll need to do and know to not only increase your rental income, but also how to get cooperative residents that will accelerate your growth
  • Discover which income building strategies you can implement in the next 3-6 months that will literally add thousands of dollars to your annual income and help you to generate a bigger monthly cash flow buffer, enabling you to survive vacancies, grow property taxes, insurance, fees and maintenance expenses.
  • How vacancies can help you INCREASE your cash flow
  • How to avoid the TYPE of resident that will drain you emotionally, mentally, and financially
  • How to avoid common critical mistakes that dramatically take away from your cash flow
  • How to reach your rental income goals and still enjoy being a landlord
  • How to take the next steps toward systematically continuing to build your cash flow and your rental business, ensuring to your family’s financial success, peace, and wealth

Pre-Conference Workshop Speakers


Tameka Bryant - Think Realty Real Estate Services

Investor Agent Certification Course
The Investor Agent Certification is an intense real estate course for agents desiring to build stronger partnerships with investors. Attendees will learn a step-by-step process of how to work with investors, manage transactions, and the do's and don'ts of buying, selling, financing and flipping real estate deals.


Scott Meyers - Self Storage Profits, INC

The Reason Self Storage is Booming and why You Need to get into the Business Right now!
Scott is a nationally recognized speaker at all self-storage industry trade shows and conferences and at all the major real estate investment groups nationwide, teaching people how to enjoy true passive income in real estate, without all the hassles of landlording.  Unlike many of the other so-called gurus, Scott is an active investor doing what he loves and what he teaches day in and day out.