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Keynote Speakers

Clint Coons

Anderson Business Advisors

Lunch Keynote Speaker

Sherman Ragland


From Amazon to OZ’s, How To Profit From The Changes Happening (Now) In The Baltimore-Washington Corridor!

Learn why Amazon’s decision to move its headquarters to D.C., combined with the new Opportunity Zone (OZ’s) will impact the Baltimore real estate market and how you can earn serious profits well into 2035.

Featured Speakers

Brent Kesler

The Money Multiplier

The Money Multiplier Method

Brent will be speaking on The Money Multiplier Method. With this method, Brent was able to pay off $984,711 in 3rd party debt in 39 months. He is passionate about how powerful this concept is and recently began sharing it with others. “I have a strong belief that whether you make $10/hour or $10,000/hour you should know and have this powerful information.” Brent will show us how to break the bonds of financial slavery and how to take control of our own financial life. Brent’s philosophy is simply: Help more people understand how to manage and grow their wealth.


Charlie Einsmann

Clear Sky Financial

Emmanuel Guarino

Residential Assisted Living Academy


The Best Opportunities in Real Estate and Senior Housing for the next 20 years. Learn, step by step, how to turn a Single Family Home into a cash flow machine with Residential Assisted Living.
Learn how you can use a Single Family Home to make $5,000 $10,000 or even $20,000 per month, all while helping others and providing a tremendous service to them. That's called, “Doing Good And Doing Well”
You will learn the 3 Best Ways to Get Involved in Senior Housing and the 5 Keys to Being Successful Doing It Hands Off real estate investors will learn how to get TWICE the market rent with long term low impact tenants..
One way or the other you will be getting involved in senior housing. Right now you have a choice as to how you get involved.

Sam Jacknin

Clear Sky Financial

Andre Johnson

Deals Meetup

Tammy Phelps

Capital City REIA

Charles Sells

The PIP Group

Jasmine Willois

Note Assistance Program

Notes: The New FRONTIER in Investing!

Join this workshop to learn about current events and opportunities in Notes. We will cover Performing Notes, Non-Performing Notes, and network.

Russ Williams


How to Manage “The Costs Behind The Walls”

Behind the wall costs are some of the most significant costs associated with single-family property management and ownership – everything that sits behind the walls of a home. These types of costs include heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and other infrastructure which is hidden from view. In this breakout session, we will cover:

- How to control capital expenditures

- How to get enterprise contract pricing as a property investor

- Strategies to recoup “behind the walls” maintenance costs


Local Market Panel

Shane Bloyer

Baltimore REIA

Joe DiMaggio

Baltimore REIA

Joe Hartman

Baltimore REIA

Think Realty Resident Experts

Sonia Booker

Think Realty Resident Expert

Clint Coons

Think Realty Resident Expert

Gary Harper

Think Realty Resident Expert

Eddie Wilson

Think Realty Resident Expert