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What To Do When Sewage Backs Up in Your Tub

Seeing sewage backing up in your bath tub is a disturbing sight for many reasons. When this happens, the issue isn’t with the bath tub drain, it’s with the sewer line. All the drains in your home lead to your sewer line, and if it becomes obstructed, all those sources combined have no where else to go but back up into your home. The backup could be happening in other parts of the home as well. When you have a backed up sewer line, it’s likely you’ll need to call a Provo plumber to resolve the issue.


What To Do First

If you experience sewage coming into the home, you can try a few things on your own first.

  •       Shut down your water to prevent any more sewage from entering your home. You can also open the outside cleanout to relieve pressure.
  •       Check your home’s vent pipes. If they become obstructed, it could impact the sewer line.
  •       Snake the drain in your toilet and your bathtub. If the clog is close to the home, it’s possible you could reach it. 

If the issue isn’t in the vent pipe and snaking the drain doesn’t work, call a plumber in Provo, Utah.


Signs Your Sewer Line May Become Blocked

Before there is a full blockage, there will be signs you can watch for of a partial blockage.

  •       If the water is slow to empty from your drains, you could have a blockage building. 
  •       If your plumbing fixtures experience clogging regularly, a problem could be developing. 
  •       If you hear gurgling sounds coming from inside the drain, this means air is getting trapped, which means a blockage is imminent. 

The best thing to do for all of these situations is to call a plumber in Provo, Utah before the sewage enters your home through the bathtub or other drain.


Preventing Future Problems

There are some preventative measures you can take to prevent future sewer line clogs.

  •       Never pour grease down the sink, as it will harden and cause buildup.
  •       Keep your drains free of hair and toothpaste. 
  •       Control the roots around your sewer line by having them trimmed, or try treating your sewer lines with root killer. 
  •       Don’t let chucks of food go down the sink.
  •       The only thing that should go down your toilet is human waste and toilet paper.

By taking preventative measures, you’re less likely to experience a sewer blockage. If you suspect a blockage is building, get it taken care of immediately to prevent a small problem from becoming a big problem. Call a plumber in Provo, Utah.

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