Luxury Real Estate, with Pam Goodwin

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Podcast

Pam Goodwin, with Goodwin Commercial, is on air with Abhi and they hit a lot of important topics. She was a part of Think Realty Conference & Expo in Dallas and she shares her favorite moments from the conference. Learn all about the newest retail concepts that are opening and flourishing in the Dallas/Plano area.

It might seem intimidating for first-time investors who are interested in commercial real estate, but Pam assures listeners that it is just like trying anything else for the first time and isn’t intimidating! She encourages you to team-up with someone and start learning and taking a chance in real estate. It is all about adapting to the needs of your consumers and that’s why a lot of retail spaces are getting so popular right now.

Ever thought luxury RV parks would be trendy? There are many different pieces to the puzzle before investing in an RV park, and always performing due diligence is important in any real estate purchase. Find out all the tips and pieces of advice Pam has to offer on this episode of Think Realty Radio!

To learn more about Pam Goodwin and her business, visit today!

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