Think Realty Magazine July/August 2017

July 2017 | Investment Strategy, Magazine, Market & Trends, Operations


Think Realty | 
Where We’re Thinking Realty in 2017 • Think Realty Honors • Street Smart: Expo Edition

Cover Feature | 
All-Access: Think Realty’s Powerful New Coaching Faculty

Design Point | 
Finishing Touches

The Big Picture| 
Reading Between the Lines: Streetcars and Property Values • The Importance of Treating Your Portfolio Like a Business • Saving Some Green with Green Properties

Up Close & Personal | 
Panel in Print: “Eyes on Opportunity” • Rookie Investor: One Renovation Complete • Playing the “Blame Game” Heralds Trouble for Rental Owners

Real Estate & Retirement | 
Control Your Service Providers or See your IRA Destroyed • Is Your IRA-Owned Business Entity a “Sitting Duck” for Lawsuits?

7 Steps to Podcast Promotions

Market Breakdowns | 
Regional Spotlight: Birmingham, Alabama • Flipping Out in the Tar Heel State

Nuts & Bolts | 
A Generation on the Move • Betty’s Better Offer: Case Study Secrets to “Winning” a Home Seller • Last Year’s Most Painful Insurance Losses

Investor Review | 
Building Up Community: A First-Person Look at Private Money in Real Estate

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