Think Realty Magazine December 2018

December 2018 | Investment Strategy, Magazine, Market & Trends, Operations


Think Realty | 
News & Events •The Dark Side of Equipment Ownership

Investor Stories | 
3 Lessons from Helping a Small Business Invest • Powerful Data Produces Good Business

Design Point | 
Renovation Rockstar: Small House, Big Makeover

Special Section: 2019 Outlook | 
Sector Breakdown: Multifamily Real Estate Trends in 2018 and Beyond •Expert Commentary: George Ratiu, NAR’s Director of
Housing and Commercial Research • An Overview of the Looming Commercial Real Estate Debate • Two Indicators Investors Should Watch in 2019 •The Year in Review: Institutional SFR Investing in 2018 • Construction Costs are Deciding Our Strategies • Real Estate Syndications Gain Momentum in 2018

Fundamentals | 
Who are you? • Meet You at the Top’ •Protect Your Investment from these Elements this Winter

Strategy | 
The Best and Worst of Metro Boston Real Estate •3 Elements in Design that Withstand the Test of Time

Housing News Report | 
Blurred State Lines Benefit SFR Investors •10 Best Days to Buy a Home • Where to Buy Homes with Least Natural Hazard Risk • Sponsored Content: Information Management Network Supplement

Mindset | 
Racing Towards a Strong Finish in 2018

Market Analysis | 
15 Markets Marked “Handle with Care”

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