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Lending Support for Veterans

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Civic Financial Services is a private money lender, specializing in the financing of non-owner-occupied investment properties. CIVIC was created to serve investors who don’t fit traditional lending criteria.

One of CIVIC’s most prevalent causes is to support our nation’s injured veterans through the Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP). Additionally, the private money lender has launched its own Military Discount Program in support of active duty, veteran, and retired military personnel.

President of CIVIC, William J. Tessar, comes from four generations of military service and said, “My brother, Jonathan, served heroically in the Army and gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country — so the efforts to support our military men and women are extremely dear to my heart,” said Tessar. “We are always looking for ways to honor and appreciate these heroes — past, present, future — who make our liberties possible.”

Several veterans and other relatives of military service members make up the CIVIC family, so the company has a deep understanding that they all need a future to look forward to. Wounded veterans, in particular, face significant challenges when they return to civilian life, and through the generous support of donors and corporate partners, WWP provides support as they plan a path forward.

Civic Financial Services’ generous contribution to WWP directly supports the programs and services that give warriors access to mental health services, physical health and wellness education, and many other programs such as career counseling. Warriors never pay a penny for these programs – because they paid their dues on the battlefield.

Independent from WWP, CIVIC is proud to also now offer its Military Discount Program, by way of a lender credit at closing, for those who are interested in building their real estate investment portfolios.

To learn more about CIVIC’s commitment to enriching our people, partners, and communities, please visit https://www.civicfs.com/culture/

To learn more about Wounded Warrior Project®, please visit http://bit.ly/WWPprogramsservices.



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