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Think Realty’s Affiliate Program

Revenue for you.
Resources to help your group members save money throughout their REI business.



Start your Think Realty Affiliate Membership for $199 annually.


Have your members register their Savings Profiles using your unique Affiliate Code that links them back to you.


Earn revenue share when your members shop at select retailers with their Think Realty discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What suppliers do I earn a revenue share on?

You earn ½ percent on all in-term spend at Home Depot Pro Specialty Trades and Sunbelt Rentals.

How does the revenue share work?

Your members create their Savings Profile then activate savings with select partners with all signups tracked back to you. Our revenue share Savings Partners report your members’ spending back to us. 

When is revenue share paid?

Revenue share on supplier spend in a calendar year is paid annually at the end of the first quarter following the calendar year.

How does the Savings Program work?

  1. Program participants create their Savings Profile at
  2. From there, your members can activate multiple discounts at once and re-visit the activation page as needed. They’ll receive any next steps in one easy-to-reference email and only receive separate emails for white-glove introductions with select Savings Partners.
  3. Your members can easily see and update their Savings Profile as needed, and reference which Savings they’ve already activated.