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Increasing Small Business Profits

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The pandemic had a negative impact on almost every aspect of the economy, particularly for small business owners. Sadly, many had to close their doors forever. The good news is if you survived, there are ways to improve your profit margin and have financial success in the new year. 

Overhead Costs and Business Supplies

Overhead costs such as rent and utilities can consume much of your expense budget. Searching for a new location that offers the same benefits of exposure and layout at a reduced rent is crucial. Is it possible for you to run your business out of your home? 

Buying in bulk when possible and tracking inventory to reduce waste, are also necessary. If you add the monthly cost of having ink, paper and postage it can add up to a pretty penny. You may not completely go paperless, however, using email when possible will lower expenses considerably. 

Cutting Operational Costs

Making minor improvements to your property can have a huge impact on your bottom line. For instance, a traditional dial thermostat with a programmable model will allow you to lower or raise it as desired. Shop around for cable service providers to ensure that you get the best price possible for high-speed internet and look for banks that offer a free checking account. These minor changes will help you keep more profits. 


Outsourcing certain services is beneficial to small business owners for several reasons. First, you won’t have to pay an annual salary for part-time work. Second, You can focus more on what matters most, increasing profits. Payroll, IT tech, customer service and administrative duties are a few worth consideration. 

Separate from Landline

While most large corporations still use landline telephone systems, it might not be essential for every small business owner. You could already have a cell phone and if the business consists of just you and only a few employees a VoIP or virtual line will prove cost-effective. 

Marketing for Less

No business, large or small, exists without a successful marketing campaign. Today, many small business owners compete with large companies by having a presence on forums that attract millions of visitors daily. Use social media to your advantage. Place an ad to appear at the most opportune times. For a small amount of money, you’ll attract potential business to your website. 

Updating Your Website

Not too long ago having a website was optional. Today, however, that’s not the case. In order to appear as a legitimate business, you must have a website. 

The website should be easy to go from one place to another and entice visitors to view product and service offerings. To achieve this, many have chatbots that pop up to assist with questions or navigation. Some small business owners also have whiteboard animation to give customers insight on the business and explain how certain things work. 

Excellent Customer Service

Word of mouth can increase revenue or add you to the blacklist. Having excellent customer service will ensure that you keep existing customers and attract new ones. People are not shy about recommending a business they feel is worthy. Good customer service can also produce positive online reviews. Addressing the concerns of your customers shows that you care and not just another business. 

Employee Retention

Having a staff that cares about the business is crucial to improving profits. One way to achieve it is to keep them happy. When they feel they are an important part of your business, they perform better. Hold monthly meetings to explain the current standing of the business and have an open discussion on ways to improve profits. Some small businesses also have seasonal sales contests to boost morale and sales.

You can achieve growth in the new year by cutting costs, keeping employees involved and increasing name recognition.