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Hybrid Real Estate Entrepreneurs


Challenging the rules and charting new paths to success

Do not read the next sentence if you’re a real estate agent.

…You little rebel, I like you!

Rebels make powerful real estate entrepreneurs because they challenge rules, defy industry norms, and chart new paths toward success. They’re unhindered by traditional roadblocks and their innovation makes them industry game-changers who surprise the heck out of everyone else.

Will The iBuyer  Movement Be The Death Of Real Estate Agents?

Companies like OpenDoor, OfferPad, and Zillow are rebels who are challenging real estate norms through the iBuyer movement. But they won’t be the death of real estate agents like some sources predict. How do we know this? Because the rebels will not only survive, they’ll thrive! Here’s why…

Most Real Estate Agents Are Rebels Too.

What happens when two rebel forces collide? We’ll leave that up to the movies because with well over 5.34 million homes sold annually in the U.S., there’s plenty of work to go around. And while the iBuyer movement might feel like a serious threat to those who naturally resist change, the rebels who diversify their offerings and play to their strengths will be just fine.

Last year 78 percent of home sellers said they prefer to work with real estate agents. Why?

  • Agents are hyper local. Their knowledge of their city and the neighborhoods within it, is a valuable resource for sellers to get the most out of their listing.
  • Relationships. People like working with people. Real estate agents provide valuable advice as they guide sellers through the home-selling experience.


Rebel Real Estate Agents Can Use This Secret Formula To Win. 

Whether it’s deciding between flying coach or first class, or picking same-day delivery over waiting three days for their favorite product, people like having options. Sometimes they pay more for luxury and convenience, while other times they’re willing to endure more if it means saving money.

Likewise, agents can offer options to sellers that they might not have considered offering before, such as:

  • Become a Hybrid Real Estate Agent/Investor by offering to buy your seller’s home at a discounted rate. Pitch this as a first-class experience for sellers who want to bypass the serious stress that comes with preparing a home for market, keeping it perfect for endless showings, handling last-minute inspection repairs, and the list continues. Think about how much eliminating these stressors is worth. Plus, you can make even more money by renting, flipping, or selling the property to other investors for a profit.
  • Traditional listing. Like flying coach, the seller will save money, but they’ll also be a little more uncomfortable.


Both options are win-win for Hybrid Real Estate Entrepreneurs.

The Hybrid Real Estate Game Is Strong!

If you’re a rebel who wants to keep your traditional game strong and make more money than ever before, we can help. At RealEstateInvestor.com we provide proven solutions that help hybrid real estate entrepreneurs grow and scale their business without sacrificing their personal life! Ask us how we can help you today!