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How Real Estate Agents Are Returning to Work in 2021 Post-COVID

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The year 2020 was the strangest year recorded in recent history. People stayed home from work, video calls and work from home became the norm, and most people didn’t leave their house unless necessary. Kids did school from home and it seemed like it would never end. This created an interesting market for realtors and homeowners. While people were still buying and selling, they had to take their work into a new environment. The open houses and individual walkthroughs were now virtual. It was difficult to find realtors and homeowners who felt safe enough to conduct business in person. Even background checks, document checks, lending, and more went fully online.

Now that the pandemic is mostly over and places are opening up in full force, the real estate market is taking a new turn. With all these different ways of conducting business, real estate agents have more choices in the ways they conduct their businesses than ever before.

In-Person Business Meetings

Many agents are going back to in-person meetings with their staff. While many stayed out of the office for months and held trainings and business meetings virtually, now they are heading back to the office to meet in person. With the right protocols in place, offices are safer than ever before. Cleaning and keeping sick people home has changed the way businesses care for each other and protect one another from sickness.

Networking Meetings

One of the ways real estate agents gain new clients is through networking meetings. For a long time these meetings were either on hold or done remotely. Zoom everything was the norm and while better than nothing, these meetings were not as engaging as meeting in person. One of the things that is changing in 2021 is that people are meeting in person again. Networking meetings are smaller, and will be outside more often than before. But the good news is that they will be in person in many parts of the country which allows real estate agents to make better connections.

House Tours are Making a Comeback

One of the ways that real estate agents adapted in 2020 was that they did as much as possible via video. This allowed them to show homes to clients and still help them buy and sell. In 2021, house tours are coming back. This will allow buyers to walk through homes in person once again. There may be modifications depending on the region where you live. Some of these can include doing the initial tours via video, then narrowing down the list and visiting only a few places in person. Real estate agents may also keep more distance than in the past. Instead of hovering from room to room, 2021 may bring agents who allow for more space for buyers and sellers. They may also keep a supply of hand sanitizer with them at all times.  

Making More Commercial Sales

More in person connections means more sales. Many commercial agents especially have been holding onto properties for more than a year. Since businesses were closed down temporarily, it made it more difficult to sell these commercial properties. Many businesses weren’t growing and had no need to change venues. Also, since many businesses closed during 2020, it left more commercial properties on the market. In 2021, this trend is changing. Businesses are re-opening, new businesses are launching, and commercial property sales are starting to soar.

Getting Back to Business as Usual

Real estate agents have overcome significant challenges to serve their buyers and sellers. In 2021, they are getting back to business as usual, and this is a good trend for buyers and sellers. The market is already looking to be very good this summer. While some areas are struggling to sell, other areas can’t keep houses on the market because they sell so quickly.

Real estate agents may have changed a lot about how they do business, but at the end of the day, they do a great job of connecting buyers and sellers to properties that they love. Home prices are still rising, and this is great news for sellers. Buyers still have some hope if they are willing to sacrifice the wants and focus on the needs. A great real estate agent can help navigate the current market.