How to get a property tenanted in less than 30 days
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How to Get a Property Tenanted In Less Than 30 Days

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I am often asked how we get our properties tenanted so quickly. It’s because we focus on quality instead of quantity. First, we focus on buying a property in the right area, for the right amount of money and which needs the right amount of work. That makes the process very clean and very efficient for us from the beginning.

Then, when you drill down to the logistics of tenanting, we also focus on quality in the systems that we use. Currently, the platform that my property management team is using to get properties rented quickly is When we have a property for rent, my team posts it on that platform and then that platform will send it out to dozens and dozens of other platforms that automatically upload it to whatever systems they’ve got. So those properties get a lot of eyes on them. That’s our number one tool for getting properties tenanted:

Of the many sites where puts our information, we have been the most successful, and have gotten the most phone calls from and So if you don’t want to necessarily spend the dollars on just post on either one of those sites.

Another method that has worked really well in the past and especially when we just started the company, was We would get quite a good response from our posts there.

But the best one, in my opinion—out of all of them, to this day—is Facebook groups. In our home market, for example, there are groups like Toledo’s Walk and Talk, Toledo Garage Sales, Toledo Stay at Home Moms, or whatever the group might be. Just look at your local market’s Facebook groups and then post your properties for rent on them. I guarantee you’ll get a big response from that, because someone is always looking for a house to rent or someone knows someone who looking for a house to rent. So they start tagging each other and then your news is all over the place! That is how we actually get a lot of showings and get a lot of properties tenanted.


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