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The current Coronavirus situation is unlike anything we have experienced in our lifetime. And while some of you are enthusiastic for positive opportunities, others are concerned and anxious. Regardless of which side of the emotional fence you’re on (and it might change daily), we are here for you. Opportunity is still great.

This is Think Realty's central source for content curated specifically to help real estate investors navigate the crisis. Check back often, we're updating daily!

Voices of Reason: Managing Your Real Estate Business During COVID-19

In this virtual event moderated by our CEO, Eddie Wilson, we bring you some of the top minds in real estate investment and private lending to talk practical insights and crisis response initiatives. 

6:18 — Chris Ragland — Communication is Key: What to tell your team, your investors, and your clients during a time of uncertainty.

28:09 — Eddie Wilson, AAPL & Think Realty — Leadership in tough times; potential market outcomes.

1:12:00 — Nate Trunfio, Direct Lending Partners — With Wall Street in flux and institutional lenders making major adjustments, what is private lending’s role?

1:48:00 — Robert Martinez, Apartment Rockstar — How to boost leasing during social distancing with digital tours and VR.

2:12:00 — Steve Rozenberg, Mynd Property Management — Using lessons from history to navigate COVID-19.

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Host: Think Realty/Susan Naftulin

Host: Think Realty/Aaron Chapman and Barry Habib

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Think Realty's COVID-19 Deal Flow Survey

For those affected by the COVID 19 crisis, Think Realty and its partners want to help. This crisis has waged rampant disruption on our industry. We encourage all of our members and contacts to complete this survey to ensure our partners, the American Association of Private Lenders and Geraci LLP, can connect you with the right people during this trying time.


AAPL also has a member directory you can use to find lenders here.