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Connecting Deals and Investors: The Virtual Event of the Year!

Join Real Estate IQ in a virtual event with 7 experts, multiple networking rooms, and simultaneous translation to Spanish. Free entrance for the first 100 registrations!  

Get your comfy slippers, put on a nice shirt, and sit on your favorite couch because the virtual event of the year is here! Join Real Estate IQ’s “Connecting: Deals and Investors” and get ready for a day full of insights, real estate industry updates, tips and advice, and above all, networking! On May 22nd, seven outstanding real estate experts will be ready to share their knowledge with you! And if you’re among the first 100 subscribers, your ticket is on us!  

Get your tickets at: 

Here’s the essential information you need to know:   

   When: May 22nd, from 9:30 AM to 3 PM (CT)  

  • Where: through Airmeet and from the comfort of your couch! 
  • Who: 7 professionals in the real estate industry, you and a bunch of real estate investors!  
  • Why: to learn and network with experts and peers from across the country.   
  • Languages: English and Spanish (a simultaneous translation will be available) 

  With a focus on deal finding and networking, these are the experienced speakers that will share their knowledge:   

  • Max Keller is a full-time real estate investor with over 15 years of experience. His expertise: teaching how to use books to enhance lead generation and conversion.   
  • Shenoah Grove is the owner and operator of TexasREIAs (the State’s largest association of real estate investors).   
  • Matt Atkinson has been a real estate investor for 14 years, and his expertise goes from rentals, landlording, and hard money lending to fix and flipping, assignments, and building wealth as an investor.   
  • Joseph Sun dela Cruz is the Technical Officer for Real Estate IQ and specializes in helping real estate investors increase their returns by leveraging technology, automation, and data.   
  • Becky Kromminga is Real Estate IQ’s Director of Growth and an experienced investor in buy and hold, wholesaling, flipping, and subject to.   
  • Steve Liang is Real Estate IQ’s CEO and a national speaker focusing on helping real estate entrepreneurs reach their potential and achieve more than they can imagine.   
  • George Salas is a real estate investment specialist, best known for empowering property owners in distress by partnering with investors and young entrepreneurs.   

 All of these incredible experts will bring not only the best information about how to find and analyze more deals but also tips to ramp up your business, maximize profits in short-term rentals, and more! Plus, they’ll be in charge of the networking rooms 

Yes, you read correctly: rooms. We’re moving on from the chatbox into a revolutionizing platform that allows us to create different networking rooms simultaneously for you to move freely among them. In there, our speakers will host multiple thematic tables where you can interact with them and all the attendees.   

We don’t want you to remain on the receiving end, limited to taking notes. Here, you’ll converse with other participants one-to-one during speed networking and interact with the speakers and sponsors. “Connecting: Deals and Investors” is a place to know other people but also to be noticed and show your business.   

Take advantage of almost 6 hours full of data, insights, and networking. We promise you’ll leave the virtual venue ready to take action and grow your business beyond your imagination!  

Be one of the first 100 subscribers and save your seat for free!

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