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Three Types of Freedom

Episode 1 – 00:06:14 Everyone has a personal view of what freedom means to them. Which of the three freedoms Dani and Flip mention means the most to you? Do…… more
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Investing and the Value of Time

Episode 1 – 00:09:03 Flip and Dani define and give examples of the three components that affect investing via the value of time. Inflation, Simple Interest & Compound Interest… more… more
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Flipping vs. Turnkey vs. Syndications

Episode 1 – 00:07:44 Flip and Dani give a brief overview of the pros and cons of 3 different real estate investing methods; flipping, turnkey, and syndication investing. They also…… more
Resident Experts Investment Strategy

Stock Market Vs Real Estate

Episode 1 – 00:07:27 There are 5 areas investors review when analyzing investment opportunities. How do stocks and real estate compare in each area? Flip and Dani discuss their opinion…… more