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The Abstract Side of Real Estate

What does it even mean to invest in real estate? Historically, you buy a building. You develop. You occupy. You rent. You manage. Real estate has always been, literally, something… more
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Technology for Sustainable Communities

In nearly every industry the trend has been for smaller, customized, agile, and modular capabilities. Even in real estate we now see planned developments with retail, office, and housing co-located.… more
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Hemp Homes: A New Sustainable Building Trend

Anyone building or remodeling this past year has seen lumber, steel, and concrete prices skyrocket. Lumber has tripled and other building materials have increased similarly. How can investors who already… more
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Custom Furniture Printed for Your Home

On February I wrote about 3D printed houses and how they can help to address the affordable housing crisis while also being unique and beautiful works of art. But the… more
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The Risks You Didn’t Consider

Most investors will evaluate potential investments and account for scenarios that would negatively impact their investment returns. They describe this as risk assessment or risk management, though technically it is… more

Is AI Next in REI Education?

Over the past year, real estate investment (REI) organizations have scrambled to remain relevant and operative as the pandemic has shut down and altered in-person meetings. Mostly gone are the… more