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Investing Strategies

The Risks You Didn’t Consider

Most investors will evaluate potential investments and account for scenarios that would negatively impact their investment returns. They describe this as risk assessment or risk management, though technically it is… more
Investing Strategies

Is AI Next in REI Education?

Over the past year, real estate investment (REI) organizations have scrambled to remain relevant and operative as the pandemic has shut down and altered in-person meetings. Mostly gone are the… more
Investing Strategies

3-D Printing Technology

Can you build a house in a day? A house that is sturdy, energy efficient, inexpensive, and just flat-out cool? In 2021, the answer is yes. 3-D printing technology has… more
Investing Strategies

Lies Your Stockbroker Told You

Whenever I hear a stockbroker saying that you should diversify your portfolio by investing in stocks AND bonds, I’m reminded of the old Blues Brothers movie (the one with John… more
Investing Strategies

Create Your Own Note

Good for you! You’ve been investing and you have a nice piece of rental real estate where you’ve built up equity. But you have noticed that the return on that… more
Investing Strategies

A Real Risk Assessment

How many of you have heard knowledgeable real estate investors discuss risk? In sober tones they describe “risks” like loss of tenants, market risk, title claims, competition. And their “risk… more
Investing Strategies

Cash is NOT King

We’ve all heard the maxims: “Cash Is King,” “Cash Plays,” “Money Talks.” And there is nothing wrong with those terms. It is absolutely true that for most sellers out there… more
Investing Strategies

Quick to Close

Real estate acquisition and sale has traditionally been a slow-moving process. When I purchased my first home in 1987, a typical home-buying process took 30 days. Today, with modern technology,… more
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Property Exchange

Imagine a group of real estate brokers who help their clients trade real estate parcels as if they were baseball cards. Brokers who can figure out how to move through… more