Sean Miller

  • Sean Miller is president of PointCentral, a subsidiary of and the leader in enterprise property automation solutions for long-term and short-term managers of single-family and multifamily rental properties. Outside of having a lifelong passion for technology, Mr. Miller has almost 10 years of professional experience with B2B and B2C IoT/home automation technology, having previously led global sales and business development for Wemo, Belkin’s home automation business unit, and launched Mobile Link, a cellular-based internet connectivity service for generators, at Generac Power Systems.

Smart Tech for Build-to-Rent Investors

Smart Tech for Build-to-Rent Investors

The real estate boom hasn’t been kind to everyone, and many people who were saving to buy homes have found themselves unable to afford anything — even in smaller, lesser-known markets. For example, Boise, Idaho, Wichita, Kansas, and Dayton, Ohio, have seen median housing prices increase year over year by ...
How Smart Digital Keys Can Simplify Property Management

How Smart Digital Keys Can Simplify Property Management

| Article | Market & Trends
Physical keys will soon become relics. For property managers and owners who want to improve the experience of staff members, tenants, and prospective renters, smart digital keys are the right move. Digital keys have been gaining popularity slowly for years now, but they hit new levels of visibility and accessibility ...

Are Your Short-Term Rentals Ready for a Safety Reckoning?

While hotels have been dealing with regulations like zoning ordinances, state guidelines, and tax laws for decades, private accommodation short-term rentals largely have been left to their own devices — aside from a few local guidelines and taxes. On the one hand, this lack of regulation made it possible for a new ...

Unlock Additional Wealth

Vacation rentals, increasingly referred to as private accommodations, have been around for decades. Historically, a family would buy a second home and then hire a property manager to rent it out during the time it wasn’t in use. With this tactic, the owners used vacation rental income to defray ongoing ...