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  • Samuel K. Freshman is the founder & CEO of Standard Management Company and the author of Principles of Real Estate Syndication, the industry "bible" on the topic. He may be reached at or learn more at


Breaking Down the Networking Process to Meet “Big Players” in Real Estate

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In real estate, it's common to hear people say, "Your network is your net worth" and other one-liners that basically show how important is is to make connections. A good network will make every aspect of investing better and probably more profitable. However, this often leads investors to act a ...
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An Overview of the Looming Commercial Real Estate Debate

For the past five years, my company, Standard Management Company, has cooperated with any number of universities, financial institutions, real estate companies, and industry leaders to produce an all-day conference that is, at heart, more of a conversation than a conference on the direction of the real estate industry. This ...

How to Invest with a Downturn in Mind

For the past three years, I’ve been warning investors: “If you buy something now, it will be worth less sometime in the next three years because a recession is coming.” We are way overdue for a correction. However, a pending downturn does not mean you stop investing. It just means ...

The Worst Mistake an Investor Can Make

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When people ask me, “What is the worst mistake you have ever seen an investor make?” my answer is easy. The worst thing you can do as an investor is not do your due diligence. The only other thing that comes close is being too greedy. Here’s why they go ...
Debunking the “Liquidity Myth” Around Real Estate

Debunking the “Liquidity Myth” Around Real Estate

When most investors think about their real estate assets, they believe them to be illiquid, meaning they are not easily converted into cash from their physical property form. This belief, dominant throughout the financial industry and across investing sectors, has formed some of the guiding principles that govern real estate ...
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A Tried-and-True Real Estate Rule for Real Success

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I started investing in real estate nearly 60 years ago, and along the way I compiled a list of real estate investment principles every investor should know. One of the most important rules that many new investors today overlook is one that anyone who has been in the business for ...