Sam Jacknin

  • Sam Jacknin and Charles Einsmann each bring 20+ years of real estate experience, especially in distressed property sales and development, to Clear Sky Financial. Charlie also owns Green Dot Title, and Sam also owns and is principal broker for Green Dot Realty, and both are licensed realtors. Learn more at


National Trends and Regional Investing

| Article | Market & Trends
To profit at real estate investing, one needs to be alert to both national and local real estate trends. There are macro trends that impact every U.S. housing market: growth/recession and capital costs are national drivers. Local trends include the availability of housing stock and labor/construction costs. It is critical ...

3 Negotiation Strategies for Working with Hard Money Lenders

| Article | Operations
The key to leveraging more beneficial negotiations with your hard money lender is, as with most negotiations, better understanding your lender and what they are trying to accomplish. This article will outline three ways to harness more negotiation power with your lender, as well as to lower your project costs ...
3 Things You Can Learn from Your Hard-Money Lender

3 Things You Can Learn from Your Hard-Money Lender

| Article | Funding, Operations
There are many legitimate reasons to use a hard money lender. Compared to traditional lenders, hard money lenders can offer faster funding, flexible construction draws, no prepayment penalties, and a willingness to look beyond a specific borrower’s credit blemishes. This might beg the question, “When would a hard money lender ...