Paul Jackson

  • Paul Jackson is a founding principal of Residential Capital Partners, a leading private lender with a national scope and a local presence in each market it serves. Residential Capital Partners helps its clients fund their rehabs and rentals better, faster and smarter. Learn more at


Return to the Future

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Technology is all around us. The second you think you’ve secured the next great breakthrough, there’s a new version, new roman numeral, new 2.0, 3.0 and so on. And, I’m not just talking about the Holy Grail otherwise known as the iPhone or equivalent. Technological advances today run the gamut ...

Wrangling the Stray

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In the cattle business, you spend most of your time working the herd to ensure it is well-fed, well-groomed and well on its way to market. You spend less time tending to that one hard-headed stray that wanders off from the herd. However, tending to that one stray and wrangling ...

Playing into the Wind

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Our country is experiencing one of the longest economic expansions of all time – June 2009 and counting.  And yet, everyone is asking the question: “How much longer do we have?”  Investors, lenders, and borrowers are all looking for the correction.  No one is at the point of sitting on ...