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Learning Curves

Before he even finished high school, Greg Slaughter knew he would have a career in real estate. What he didn’t know then, is that he would achieve success as a… more
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Invest in Color

Wearing the right color can make your eyes brighter, seeing a certain color and affect your mood, and painting your next flip, rehab project, or buy-and-hold property the right color… more
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All About Action

If you’re not one of Grant Cardone’s 2.9 million Instagram followers, you’re missing out on business tips, sales strategies, real estate advice, and so much more. Known for his dynamic… more
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Titan Talk: Dominating Local Capital

Real estate industry titan Tom Meade is dominating the Boston market, becoming the king of local capital. Born and raised in Quincy, MA just a few miles south of Boston,… more
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How COVID Has Affected Office Space

In March, when our world changed in a way unlike anyone living as experienced before, The Great Adaptation began. And as Think Realty published months ago, uncertainty creates a need… more
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Born to Flip

When former baseball player turned real estate investor, business owner, and mentor, Ryan Pineda was just 12 years old, he was suspended from school for selling…Pokémon cards. You read that… more