Kaaren Hall

  • President and CEO Kaaren Hall founded uDirect IRA Services as a single mom looking for a strategic way to put her 20-plus years in mortgage banking, real estate and property management to use. The solution was an untapped market for both her skills and for investors: self-directed IRAs. As a third-party administrator, uDirect IRA Services provides complete and accurate information on self-directed IRAs so its clients can make the most of their retirement funds. The company does not promote any investments, but instead provides the knowledge, tools and information to make self-direction easy. 866-447-6598 www.udirectira.com


Insider Insight: Self-Directed IRAs

Real estate investors love discovering new sources of capital to fund their deals, but sometimes getting to that capital can be a little complicated. Think Realty Magazine sat down with Kaaren Hall, founder and CEO of self-directed account administrator uDirect IRA Services, to learn more about how real estate investors ...
Funding Options

Funding Options

Self-Directed IRA Investor's Guide to Contributions, Transfers and Rollovers Welcome to the world of self-directed IRAs! Guess what? These powerful investment tools are just like regular IRAs in so many ways (except for investing). Just as with a typical IRA, a self-directed IRA can be funded in three ways: 1 ...