John Bradford

  • John R. Bradford, III RMP, MPM, is a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers® (NARPM). Members of NARPM® receive information like this article every month through its news magazine, Residential Resource. To join or learn more, visit John is the CEO & Founder of two start-up companies: Park Avenue Properties and Park Avenue Properties is a residential management firm located in Charlotte, NC, and Pet is used by professional property managers for making more informed policy decisions when dealing with household pets and service/companion animals.


Managing the Business Risks of Animals

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There are two Ps that can cause property damage: People and Pets. If you are a property manager, then you deal with both daily. Pets are animals but animals are not always pets. This is demonstrated when dealing with Assistance Animals (e.g., service/companion/emotional/therapy/etc.) These animals are not pets, but rather, ...