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  • Jim Hitt is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of American IRA, LLC. He has been working with real estate IRA and real estate 401(k) investors for over 30 years and has been self-directing his own IRA investments since 1982. He welcomes questions and inquiries from real estate investor-readers. 866-7500-IRA www.americanira.com

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Five Factors for Choosing Your Self-Directed IRA Company

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You’re convinced. You know a Self-Directed IRA is a powerful way to build wealth, using its protections to help you get the most out of investments like real estate. But there’s a catch: you can’t move forward unless you have a Self-Directed IRA administration firm in your corner. And you’re ...
Following the Rules

Following the Rules

A Real Estate Investor's Guide to Mortgage Regulations It’s a common problem: Many people want to get started in real estate investment or buy more properties, but their biggest store of liquidity is in their IRAs and other retirement accounts. Fortunately for investors in that situation, there’s a simple and ...