Griffin Cappelletti

  • Griffin Capelletti is the Sales Analyst Intern for Sunset Equity Funding. Sunset Equity Funding is a privately held, commercial mortgage lender for property investors of non-owner occupied, single family rental properties and non-qm, construction/rehab loans. Licensed in 50 states, Sunset Equity has been in lending since 2005. We offer fast funding secured by real property and same day auction financing for your real estate and renovation projects. Sunset Equity is a member of both the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) California Mortgage Bankers Association (CMBA) and Association of Private Lenders (AAPL) and is headquartered in Culver City, CA.


Funding Options for Fix and Flips

This content is sponsored by Sunset Equity. Learn more about Sunset Equity here. [siteorigin_widget class="SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget"][/siteorigin_widget] Are you interested in beginning to fix-and-flip houses for profit? If you are, in fact, interested in entering the growing marketplace for flippers, you must have a lot of questions. Unless you have caches of ...