Dennis Cisterna

  • Mr. Cisterna is the Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Sentinel Net Lease, a privately held commercial real estate investment firm. He is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Guardian Residential, a privately held residential investment firm.

Think Realty Podcast #314 – Opportunities in the Office Sector

Think Realty Podcast #314 – Opportunities in the Office Sector

Don’t you love catching up with old friends? The last time we saw him, he was on the cover of our magazine! Eddie caught up with Dennis Cisterna, Chief Investment Officer at Sentinel Net Lease, to learn more about what Sentinel Net Lease is and what he’s been up to ...

The Year in Review: Institutional SFR Investing in 2018

I have been fortunate to work with some of the biggest investors in the country for more than a decade, serving in a variety of roles from advisor to banker to employee. The so-called “institutional investors,” large firms who manage billions in assets for the ultra-wealthy, university endowments, insurance companies, ...